June 27th, 2019

Heatless Sleep-In Beach Waves Ponytail With Clip-In Hair Extensions

By Makenna Ashley

Some of my fondest memories growing up and into my adult years have been near the beach. There's just something about the salty air, the sound of the waves crashing, and the sun on your skin that makes you feel alive!

For me, being by the water is such a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. It's typically filled with a good book, yummy snacks and the people you love. There's nothing like dipping your toes in where the water meets the sand that'll give you all the feels.

There's one more thing that I just love about the beach..... you guessed it! BEACH HAIR! I remember getting back to the hotel after a day at the beach and looking in the mirror. My hair was the curliest it had ever been, and just the perfect wind blown texture. I thought, "I wish I could replicate this at home!"

Although nothing will quite match the salty air flowing through your locks, I think the heatless technique in this tutorial will surely come pretty close! Introducing... the heatless, sleep-in, beach waves! Matched with an effortless pony, this hairstyle has quickly become one of my summer go-to's.

Whether it's for a day at the park with the kids, sunbathing near the pool, or heading out for a date night, this hairstyle is perfect for any occasion! You can easily dress up or down this hairstyle to match your day - add in a cute hair scarf at the base, or put on a pair of earrings! Either way this heatless beach wave technique will surely win your heart like it has won mine!

Now I will say, I 'like' this style without my extensions, but I 'LOVE' this style with my hair extensions! My Cashmere Hair extensions give my hair so much body, volume, and length. The hair extensions elevate the style to total mermaid vibes!


For this hairstyle, you can clip in your full set or just the larger three tracks. Depending on how thick you are wanting your ponytail,  that  is how many clips you will put in. Personally, I love a thick ponytail, so I used all three of the large wefts, and then two side pieces for this look!

One of the great things about this hairstyle is that it is heatless. Now, I'm pretty sure we have probably all been there when we get a little "heat crazy" and go overboard on the heat, leaving us with dry, brittle hair. This style will be your saving grace since it requires zero heat, it will give your hair a rest!

 1. Simply wash your extensions and you hair the night before wanting to do this style. I love to use the Cashmere Hair Extension Shampoo & Conditioner on my extensions simply to make them soft, last longer and keep their shine! If you're unsure on how to wash your clip-in's correctly, see this post here. 

 2. Wash your own hair as well, letting it air dry or put into braids to sleep in. If you have naturally wavy hair already like myself, just let your hair air dry. If your hair is more straight, simply braid your hair into two braids and sleep in them to get the same curl the extensions will have!

 3. Braid your extensions. Like mentioned in the video, you can do looser or tighter braids depending on how big or small you want the waves. (Tighter the braid, the tighter the curl.

4. Let your hair air dry overnight.

5. Once the hair is throughly dried, you can unwrap the braids and insert your extensions!

6. Take a small piece of hair from the bottom of the base of your ponytail, begin to wrap that around the hair elastic covering it and securing with a bobby pin again at the bottom of the ponytail.

7.Spritz some of the Cashmere Shine Spray over the ends of the ponytail. This gives instant shine and smoothes out the ends!

If you have any pieces that didn't curl the way you wanted, simply brush through your natural hair down to the extensions very lightly to blend with your hair extensions. If that didn't work, you can of course do a few quick touch ups with a curling iron just wrapping the hair around the barrel for wavy curl.

Ta-Da! Heatless, beach waves that were styled while you slept! Now if that isn't convenience I don't know what is!

These waves will last you a few days so on day 2 & 3 just add in some dry shampoo to the roots if needed and re-clip in your extensions and you'll be good to go! Very little styling time with maximum results - that's my type of hairstyle!

Have you ever tried these heatless waves? If not, give it a go and let us know what you think! We hope you'll love this hairstyle and also let it be a small reminder of those dreamy beach days!