March 21st, 2024

How To Achieve The Best Instant Makeover

By Tatiana Montano

Have Instant Glamour with Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions Now!

Do you have a hidden desire to change your hairstyle in a snap, just like that, for that important event or a big night out? Those in search of excellent and efficient hair extensions can look no further than Cashmere Hair's clip-in extensions!

The most memorable aspect of Cashmere hair extensions is the ease of use, versatility, and celebrity endorsement, making Cashmere Hair Extensions stand out as a painless way to have beautiful hair without having a huge impact on your wallet, not to mention the fact that these methods have the undesirable side effect of damage to your hair.

woman before, during and after clipping in the cashmere hair volumizer one piece extension

Why Cashmere Hair?

Hollywood icons are in awe of Cashmere Hair clip-ins for their magical ability to transform their looks into red carpet glamour, seemingly instantly! The high craftsmanship is a core of Cashmere Hair extensions, as meticulously made with great attention to the transitions to your natural hair. Having a wide range of colors, colors that you can easily get the right one that matches your stand-out style.


woman before and after with short hair to long hair wearing cashmere hair extensions

Consider Your Hair Length: While the Cashmere Hair extensions work great on shoulder-length or longer hair, a little more preparation may be required for shorter lengths. Consulting a hair extension professional is the best guarantee that the extensions will blend well for a shorter style. (Always choose a professional hair extension expert for any alterations to your hair extensions.)

woman holding color ring swatches to hair to find her shade match

Color Matching: The color of the extensions should blend perfectly with the color of your natural hair. A slightly lighter or darker shade can work with the natural color as well since all of our colors are multi-tonal. The best color matching is done in natural sunlight, which can also be simulated by tungsten lighting. A tungsten-like bulb replicates daylight to show the accurate color depth of an object. (Always choose a professional hair extension expert for any alterations to your hair extensions.) 

hairstylists creating two bridal looks with cashmere hair clip-in extensions

Styling Versatility: Cashmere hair extensions can be manipulated into sleek and straight with bouncy curls or can complement the texture of your hair. Straighten, curl, or wash your extensions with no worries knowing they'll still be intact.

woman brushing her hair with cashmere hair brush and washing extensions with cashmere hair maintenance kit

Preparation Is Key: Start by washing your clip-ins and your natural hair then work some grooming gel or mousse to help your hair hold the extensions and in turn create a seamless blend.

woman with short hair clipping in extensions pre-curled

Curl Before Clipping: The safest and easiest way to achieve a perfectly blended look can be obtained by curling the extensions before placing them in your natural hair. The extensions will blend better with your hair with the help of curls or waves. It is harder to blend in the extensions with the straight hair, and therefore extensions that intend to be worn straight, always need to be trimmed to blend.

Get the most glamorous hair, with more volume and body to your hair by using Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions! This is the easiest and most convenient way to change your hair without making any permanent or drastic changes. Love your hair, and care for your hair! Wear Cashmere Hair for the perfect makeover results! Go long & go strong!