May 30th, 2019

How To Avoid The Biggest Beauty Mistakes Brides Make

By Cashmere Hair

Most likely you've been looking at tons of bridal magazines, TV shows, Pinterest boards for inspiration on your wedding day. The best day of your life is and will be the most overwhelming one. On top of juggling your job, house chores, family and friends you have to plan a wedding. It can be so overwhelming that sometimes you neglect the most important thing, yourself. There is so much that goes into preparing for your big day when it come to your make up and hair. First you have to decide on the hairstyle and make up looks you need to show your beauty team. Before you do that keep on reading to learn about top bridal beauty mistakes you can avoid before it's too late.

Don't: Go Au Naturel

Even if you have long beautiful hair I highly recommend using a few wefts of clip in hair extensions. Not only your hair will gain more texture but there will be less damage on your hair from all the hot tools you will need to style your hair. Also, any hairstyle that you and hairdresser create will look better and fuller than without the extensions.

Don't: Try Anything New

I know how tempting this can be but please do not try a new hairstyle on the day of your wedding. Take it from me. I had a destination wedding and as the days to the big day were fast approaching I had no clue how I wanted my hair or make up too look. The day before the wedding I went to the resort's spa and purchased the bridal make up and hairstyle package. I came out looking like Marge Simpson. Desperate, I ended up doing my own hair and make up which was my everyday beauty routine which in the end came out fine. Looking back I wish I had planned better. Even though there are so many beautiful hairstyle options, I think it's important to look like yourself on your special day. Make a trail appointment ahead of time and show up at your hair dresser prepared. Bring photos of the hairstyles you like since this will give your hairstylist an idea of what you like. Often times is better to have two trial sessions in case you change your mind or your stylist is not going to be a good fit for your wedding look.

Don't: Get Facials

This is a big no-no especially If you have sensitive skin. When I got married I decided it was a good idea to show my skin some TLC. I went to a spa and purchased a facial package a month before the wedding. I broke out so bad after the first facial and the ethetician assured me that it was normal and my skin would clear up. Well it didn't , three facials in and my skin looked worse. I felt so insecure on my wedding day. Everyone is different but just to be on the safe side leave your hair experiments for after the wedding.

Don't: Get A Haircut

I know it feels great to get that fresh haircut but not before your wedding. Often times hairdressers get scissor happy and they cut way more than you bargained for. Soft and smooth hair looks great when freshly cut but if you are going for a certain hairstyle on your wedding day it's best for the hair to have more texture which will hold up the style better. Stay on a regular 8-10 week trim schedule.

Don't: Deep Condition

Deep conditioning seems like a great idea when you want your hair to be shiny and smooth for your big day. When the hair doesn't have much texture it can be challenging for your hairdresser to achieve the hairstyle that you want. So it's better to hold off on the deep conditioning until after the wedding.

Don't: Crash Diet

We all want to look our best on our wedding day. We go out of our way to plan and prep. Spending a lot of hours at the gym and a lot of money on beauty treatments. But when we are crunched for time and want to shed a few extra pounds we crash diet. Extreme diets are always a bad idea. They take a toll on mental health, rub your body and mind off essential vitamins. Please do not go the crash dieting route, it's just not worth it. Going to the gym and eating a healthy diet will get you the results you want. Supplementing with vitamins it's a great way to keep your hair and skin healthy. I hope these tips help you prepare and plan better for your special day. If you already had your wedding, is there anything you would like to share that would help future brides? Please leave a comment below.