October 12th, 2022

How To Blend Cashmere Hair Extensions With Short Hair

By Tatiana Montano

Short hair? No problem. Let's go over how to blend those extensions in perfectly.

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Step 1: Tuck Away Your Bottom Section

Braided bottom section of short hairbobby pinning braided section up and hidden

We're going to start off by taking a section at the midpoint of our ears, underneath the hair. We are then going to braid this section of hair to then pin it up out of the way. 

This is going to prevent any of your short hairs from popping through underneath which can make your hair look unblended and be an obvious giveaway that you are wearing cashmere clip in hair extensions.

Step 2: Add in Your Cashmere Hair

clipping in one track of Cashmere Hair extensions to cover up braided section

Taking our 3" wide two clip piece Classic clip-in extensions, we are going to clip it on top of that braided section, and then start moving our way up the crown of your head in sections.

Next with 2 of the larger hair extension tracks, try to create somewhat of a horseshoe pattern with your two extension pieces, wrapping them around your entire head, overlapping the clip in hair extensions in the back. Doing this will allow you to still get fullness in the front of your hair and you won’t have to worry about a mullet because you will still get the fullness in the back as well.

Step 3: Tease & Add in a Double Track

sectioning another layer of hair on top of braided sectionteasing hair from new sectionclipping in two tracks of Cashmere Hair extensions

Once this is done, we are going to work on more of our back section to make sure that we blend in those short layers with the clip in hair extensions. You can tease each section really well to ensure the clips have something to adhere to and last all day, but it's not necessary. We are going to clip in the last large three clip track on top of another three-piece clips. This will provide enough hair so that your short hair is not going to be detectable.

Step 4: Add in Your Side Sections

teasing next side section of hair.applying side track piece of Cashmere Hair Extensions

When we get to our side sections, we are going to use 2 of the two clips for each side of the head, and clip those in in sections. You'll want to make sure you leave them higher on the top so that they can blend seamlessly. Then Viola!

You have a flawless, beautiful blend with any length of Cashmere Hair extensions, and nobody will ever have any idea that your hair is super, super short.

girl posing with blended Cashmere Hair extensions in shade Roxburry Redgirl showing back of hair blended with Cashmere Hair Extensions