May 18th, 2022

How To Care And Style Your Clip In Extensions

By Cashmere Hair

Seamless Extensions: What Are They?

what are seamless extensions

First things first -- let's start with the extensions. I use Cashmere Hair's new 16" Seamless Extensions, which has a thin silicone weft instead of their usual fabric one. Because the band is 50% thinner, it lays flat and looks so natural! I also love that these are double drawn because the hair is thicker from root to tip.

These are made from 100% Remy European human hair, which means I can style them just like I would my own hair. There are 7 total pieces in the Seamless Extensions pack, just like their classic sets: four 3" pieces (2 clips on each), one 6" piece (3 clips), one 7" piece (3 clips), and one 8" piece (3 clips).  And of course they come in all the different Cashmere Hair colors you've come to know and love.

My Top 3 Hair Extension Tips

1. Don't Tease.

One thing I've learned is not to tease the hair before inserting my seamless extensions. It looks much more natural when you tease after! If you do it beforehand, the extensions do not lay as flat, and there's a higher chance your extensions will show. I do like to tease my hair after the extensions are laying nicely, to give it a bit of volume.

2. Watch Your Height.

I also like to make sure not to add my side extensions too high up (those are the 3" wefts that come in each Seamless Extension set). Placing these side pieces too high can make the extensions more visible, especially if you have lighter hair!

3. Ditch the Elastic.

One more thing I've learned is to never use an elastic when sectioning my hair. Elastics cause noticeable dents that can easily be avoided - I like to use spider clips, or any other clip that I have lying around.

How To Style Seamless Extensions

I start by sectioning my hair at the nape of the neck. Then, I brush both my hair and the extensions using the Cashmere Brush (okay, that's my fourth tip. This brush is literally the secret to keeping your extensions silky and tangle-free).

Next I apply two of the 3" wefts right above each other, on the first section. This helps to blend my natural hair with the extensions.

If you have really short hair or are using longer extensions, feel free to braid and bobby pin your short hair flat against your head. This will help to hide your natural hair and make the extensions blend easier.

I then create a second section, this time in the center. A good rule of thumb is to section from the top of your ears. I add the 8" weft to this section.

After that, I make a section right above, adding the 7" extension piece. Always make sure to brush each piece into your hair, which gently helps them blend in.

And finally, I section right along my brow line for the 6" piece. I use the remaining 3" wefts on each side, which blends my bangs nicely.

Combining this technique with Cashmere's Seamless Extensions will guarantee that they blend right in!

how to style seamless extensions

Curling & Washing Seamless Extensions

When curling my extensions, I personally like to have the extensions clipped in - I feel the curls blend and look more seamless. However, you can check out other ways to curl your hair in this post - find a way that works for you!

Just like your natural hair, make sure you are applying heat protectant to your extensions. Then, take your hair in half inch pieces and curl in both directions, switching every other piece. This creates an effortless look, and it also tends to hold a curl longer.

I think one common thing many people forget to do is wash their hair extensions, but it's so important, and helps make the extensions last longer! For a video on how to wash your extensions, check out this post.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks, and don't forget, we have so many style tutorials on the blog once you get the hang of your new Seamless Extensions! If you'd like to recreate my exact look, I'm wearing Cashmere's 16" Seamless Extensions in Bombshell Brunette. I'll link them here:

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