July 8th, 2020

How To Color Match Extensions: The Ultimate Guide

By Makenna Ashley

Hi ladies! Makenna here for another how-to for you - today we're chatting all about color matching. You want to get extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair? Let's talk about Cashmere's fool-proof color matching so we can get those gorgeous locks into your hands! If you want to know how to color match extensions and get perfect results every time, keep on reading.

how to color match extensions

So: you're ready to buy your first set of Cashmere extensions, or you just changed your hair color, and have no clue what shade to get. Well, you're in luck! In this post, we're going to go over how to color match extensions for your perfect match. 

I'll go over how to take the best color-matching photos for the most accurate help, how to contact Cashmere's color experts, and even how to match yourself at home!

How to Take Color Matching Photos

Before you reach out to Cashmere's stylists for color matching, you'll want to snap some photos of yourself. Nothing fancy, just a quick couple of selfies! These photos are a crucial step for how to color match extensions.

The number one rule for color matching photos is: use natural lighting. I've found standing next to a window is best. Stand a foot or two away so you're not in harsh  sunlight - the light should be bright, but indirect.

Tip: if you can cast sharply defined shadows on your face from the light source, it's too direct!

And number two rule for how to color match extensions with photos: no filters. Ever. No one will see these pictures except a Cashmere Stylist, and filtering your pics will cause the matching to be inaccurate.

Now, for the actual photos. You'll want to take three: one from the front, one from the back, and one from the side. Keep reading for tips on each!

1. Front view

For the front view, make sure your hair is parted where you normally would. If you have long hair, make sure it's in front of your shoulders so the color match experts get a good look!

2. Side view

Next we have the side view. Either side works, but make sure a good amount of your hair is viewable. If you're feeling like an overachiever, you can take pictures of both sides!

3. Back view

And finally, we have the back view. Although the rest of these pictures could be taken selfie-style, for the back, you'll want to employ a friend or self-timer. This time, most of your hair should be behind your shoulders, so Cashmere's stylists get a good view to match your extensions with.

How to Get Color Matched

Ok, so you have your pictures ready to go... now what?

Cashmere has three different options to color match you for extensions, and they're all super easy:

  • Text photos to Cashmere's experts at (213) 222-3878. This is the fastest option!
  • DM them your photos on Instagram, @cashmere_hair
  • Send photos via their web form here

It's as simple as that! Their color matching team may ask a few follow-up questions, just to be sure your match is spot-on. They know exactly how to color match extensions to get the perfect fit.

How to Color Match Yourself

Now, if you're debating between a few different colors, or just prefer to do things yourself - not to worry! Cashmere offers hair swatches for those of you who want to match yourselves. Simply order a few swatches in the range closest to your hair color.

Swatches are also a great option for salon owners who want to have a color ring to look at with their clients. You can get a blonde, brunette, redhead, or even the full color ring to have on hand. I'll link to Cashmere's swatch selection here:

Once you have the swatches in hand, you're ready to match - it's time to learn how to color match extensions, DIY-style!

When holding up the hair sample to your natural hair, you'll want to overlap the swatch with the bottom of your hair. Roots are usually darker (even if you don't color your hair, strands naturally lighten with time and sunlight), and won't offer an accurate match.

If the swatch blends with the bottom of your hair, that's the one for you! If not, try the other swatches to color match extensions. You can always snap a few pictures with each swatch and send to the experts for a second opinion.

Testing Your Extensions (The Final Step)

So, you've taken your photos, spoken with a stylist, maybe even ordered swatches to double-check. Your extensions are finally here, and they look perfect! There's just one final step to make sure your color is the perfect match.

hair extensions swatch for color matching

In each extension kit, there will be a small section labeled "tester". Before opening the full set, make sure to take this smaller piece of hair out and clip it in to your hair behind the ear. You can blend it with your natural hair and really test the color to make sure it's totally perfect!

As long as you don't break the seal on the full extension set (it's separated completely from the tester piece) you can always return or exchange for a different color. For a full list of return info, check out Cashmere's FAQ's page.

Well ladies, I hope this post on how to color match extensions was informative and helpful. Don't forget, Cashmere's hair experts are ready and eager to help you find your perfect match!

Feel free to find me over on Instagram at @makennaashley, and be sure to tag @cashmere_hair on all your hair selfies for a chance to featured on their page!