March 28th, 2024

How to Create Ombre Hair with Clip-in Extensions

By Tatiana Montano

Achieve Ombre Hair with Clip-In Extensions: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to go for the fashionable trend of ombre hair but also want to keep your natural looks? With this hack, you don’t have to dye or color your hair! In this blog post, we will walk you through a simple and fabulous solution using clip-ins. With this technique, you can rock the ombre style seamlessly without making any color changes to your natural hair. For a visual and step-by-step walk-through, check out the video linked below!

How to choose extensions

Get started by choosing clip-in hair extensions that resemble the lighter shade you want for your ombre end. This shade needs to be just a few shades lighter than your natural hair color to best match your hair and achieve a natural-looking result.

woman sectioning hair to apply first track of extensions

Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into smaller workable sections. Start by dividing your hair horizontally, about an inch or two higher up at the nape of your neck. Hair clips and hair ties can be used to hold the upper part of your hair away from your face.

Prepare the Extensions

Comb or detangle your clip-in extensions and make sure they are tangle-free. This is a very important step to ensure a smooth and natural transition.

woman applying first track of clip-in extensions

Clip-in placement

Work from the bottom section of your natural hair to the top, adding wefts as you go. Pick a small section of your natural hair, and gently backcomb to tease it near the roots and create a bit of texture. This will help to avoid slipping and offer something for the clips to grasp tightly to.

Blend your hair with the extensions

Lastly, once the extensions are secured in place, release the rest of your hair from the clip you sectioned off. By following this layering technique the lighter extensions and your natural color will blend smoothly, creating a gradual ombre effect. Repeat the process moving up to the top of your head with the rest of the included wide tracks in your set of Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions.

Finishing touches

When you are done with clipping all the extensions, take a minute to adjust their lines with the position of your natural hair, so that visible lines between your hair and extensions are blended. Softly comb through and style your hair so that it appears natural and seamlessly blended.

woman wearing lighter extensions for an ombre look

Enjoy your ombre transformation

There you have it! You have just given yourself the perfect Ombre hairstyle without the damage and cost of a salon visit. Whether you're looking to add subtle highlights or make a bold statement, Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions offer you endless possibilities for versatile and customizable styles! We understand it can be difficult to find your perfect shade match for hair extensions online. With our color-matching experts, we can help guide you in finding your perfect match!

Follow the instructions here or text us your photos for even faster color matching at 213.222.3878.