August 15th, 2019

How To Ease Or Avoid Postpartum Hair Loss

By Makenna Ashley

Let's tackle the tough topic of postpartum hair loss. As women, our bodies go through some pretty incredible changes during pregnancy, and continue to after delivery. Hormones are running wild, we're navigating this whole motherhood thing, sleep is low, the last thing we want to worry about is losing hair.  Let's talk about some ways to keep your body as healthy as possible to avoid this or at least bring some ease and shorten the length of the process.

1. So what are symptoms/causes of postpartum hair loss?

While it doesn't affect every woman, there are many who do suffer from this. It can range on severity totally dependent on each woman. For myself, I noticed it the most after my second pregnancy really around my hairline. The hairline can start to recede, typically around the temples. It also can cause thinning throughout the hair. This generally happens 2-4 months after delivery.

Postpartum hair loss is caused by a drastic change in hormones, specifically estrogen and progesterone. Once we have baby, our bodies are now adapting to the big change and so our hormones can become really all over the place.

2. How can we support our bodies to even out hormones?

Well, there are many ways to help our body cope with the change in hormones, so let's talk about a few key ones!


Once you are cleared from your doctor, exercise is a great way to balance hormones. Not only is it going to hopefully help with hair but it's also going to really help balance out those emotions post baby. I'm sure you have heard of "post baby blues" and this is something that can really be a difficult time in a new mother's life. (If you are suffering from this - please ask for help!)

Exercise is going to release endorphins which will make you feel happier, and also help balance out those hormones which will in turn, help with hair loss! Of course, after having a baby you want to do what your comfortable with! Personally, I loved to take walks once I felt up for it just to get some sunshine and Vitamin D, and also to get my body moving again. This is personal, so find what works for you and remember - take it easy on yourself!

Eat Whole Foods

I know, I know, after baby it can be difficult to get those healthy foods in! Remember, you're body just birthed another human, we want to be as mindful as possible to really nourish our bodies and replenish those resources within! Processed foods and sugar are really going to give our hormones a curve ball, so of course give yourself grace and everything in moderation. Try to include healthy, wholesome foods into your diet as much as possible. 

For me, I loved to buy those large sized green juices (with no added sugars) at Costco to sip on while nursing in those first newborn days. It helped to get my greens in even when I was forgetting to eat at times! Also having fresh fruit on hand is great for a quick and yummy snack that will do your body some good.


This is something I learned the hard way - so please learn from my mistakes! After my first baby I totally forgot to keep taking my vitamins and soon was very depleted. My advice, keep taking your prenatal vitamins or whatever your doctor recommends even after having the baby. Our body needs all the extra help it can get so serving your body in this way is very helpful and will also keep your energy levels up! Score!


I swear by this product. Not only it is amazing for you hair but also for your skin and nails. One of my favorite brands is Bulletproof Collagen. It comes in a powder form which makes it great for smoothies. It has about 22g of protein per serving. You need to take religiously to see results.

If you're currently suffering from postpartum hair loss and feel it's severe, reach out to your doctor! They can help prescribe you sprays or creams if needed to lessen the damage. Another quick fix would be using your clip in hair extensions to fill in those spaces where you may feel volume has been lost while you wait for it to grow back. You can use extensions just to add back in the volume, or also to add in length, or both!

Well friends, if you're a new mama, about to be, or currently on your postpartum journey, I just want to say, congratulations! It is such a sweet, precious time, and from one mama to the next - remember to give yourself grace! The sleepless nights can be brutal, but they really do go fast so try to soak up every moment. I always say, the to-do lists can wait, but these early days will be gone in the blink of an eye!

One last new mama tip - accept & ask for help! This can be really hard for some (including myself) but remember, the people who love you and surround you really want to help. If someone offers to help, take it! If you need help, ask! I promise it will not only bless you, but it also brings joy to whoever lends a helping hand!