November 1st, 2017

How To Fill In Your Hairline

By Makenna Ashley

Check out this new subtle technique that gives you a cleaner looking hairline. It's undetectable and celebrities have been doing it for years. The secret? They're making their hairlines look more precise and bold by filling them in with eyeshadow. Yes, eyeshadow! Filling in your hairline is not any different than filling in your brows, it frames your face, making your features look more balanced. Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to fill in your hairline quickly and seamlessly.
You'll just  need a small and medium sized makeup brush, and an eyeshadow that matches your root color (preferably a bendable eyeshadow!) Let us know if you try out this trick, we hope you love it! I used 2 wefts of my Cashmere Hair® extensions to get added volume in my top knot!

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