August 26th, 2020

How To Make Hair Extensions Last Longer

By Makenna Ashley

Whenever you make an investment into something, you want to take great care of it. Whether that's your health, your skin, your hair, you'll want to preserve that investment for as long as possible, right? As a Cashmere customer of five years and counting, I've picked up some tried and true tips to take excellent care of my extra hair. In today's post, I'm sharing all about how to make your hair extensions last longer. Let's learn how to take care of our clip-in extensions like the luxurious investments they are!

1. Set Your Extensions Up For Success.

Once you get your Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions in the mail, there will be a tester portion of hair. Take that out first and make sure that the color is a good fit for you. Once you're matched, you can go ahead and open up your new extensions (and maybe do a little happy dance... we won't judge!). Now, depending on how your natural hair is cut, you may need to give the extensions a quick trim/feathering. If you're not experienced with this, I definitely recommend taking them to your hair stylist, who can trim them with your natural hair for the best possible blending. This will make a world of difference in ensuring that the hair blends beautifully with your natural hair.

2. How to Store Clip-In Hair Extensions.

This is perhaps the most critical step to make your hair extensions last longer.  After each wear, brush out your extensions, close the clips, and store them safely. I use Cashmere's Luxury Storage Bag - you simply clip your extensions into the hanger, then zip it closed. This protects the hair from dust, breakage, and other environmental stressors that could damage your set. It also makes it super easy to store - just pop it onto your closet rack and let it hang until you're ready to use them again! If you don't have the bag just yet, simply lay the tracks one on top of the other, and store them flat wherever you have space. If your storage space is dusty or high-traffic (like a closet), wrapping your hair in tissue paper will keep dust and breakage to a minimum.

3. How to Wash Your Hair Extensions.

how to wash hair extensions   The amazing thing about using extensions is that they don't need to be washed nearly as much as our natural hair! But to keep them nice, you do need to wash them every so often. How to tell when to wash your hair extensions? If the hair is looking a bit dull, if it has a good amount of product in it, or you want to change heat styles: it's time to give them a wash! We have a full blog post dedicated to washing your clip-in extensions - give it a peek here.

4. How to Revive an Older Set.

how to make extensions last longer   If your extensions are starting to lose that brand-new feel, never fear! There are couple of things you can do to refresh them. If you don't already have the Cashmere hair care set - get it. It comes with specially-formulated shampoo and conditioner, but for extensions that have seen better days, the shine spray and deep conditioning treatment especially are solid gold. Use the shine spray when your extensions are feeling dull and need an extra boost - it peps them up instantly! One or two spritzes will do the trick, don't go crazy. The shine spray also works as a heat protectant, so I'd definitely recommend using it before heated styling. If you've washed your clip-in extensions a few times and they're starting to look drab, it's time for the deep conditioner. This stuff is super-charged with proteins and extracts to restore moisture, de-frizz, and reduce breakage. It's great for all hair types - I like to do a little hair mask on my natural hair as well while I'm treating my extensions.

Do's And Don'ts of Hair Extensions

Here are a few of the tips and tricks I've learned through my many years using Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions. If you're asking how to make your hair extensions last longer, these are the little secrets no one tells you about!
  • DO: use a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner (like the one Cashmere sells here)
  • Making sure it is a moisturizing line will ensure they stay soft and shiny.
  • DON'T: use a volumizing shampoo/conditioner. This will immediately strip the hair of moisture and turn it brittle and dry. Yuck!
  • DO: Trim the hair lightly when you notice the ends getting dry or at sign of any breakage. This will allow the ends to remain healthy and strong!
  • DON'T: use hair oil prior to heat styling. Oil literally fries the hair! (caveat: there are a few oils that are specially formulated to use with heat. Always, always, always double-check!)
  • DO: Get a new set of extensions every 6-8 months, depending on how often you wear them & how well you take care of them.
  • DON'T: Use common hair products such as hairspray and texturizers on the extensions. These products are typically alcohol based, and will be incredibly drying to your clip-in hair extensions! The bonus with extensions is that they hold styling extremely well - you won't even miss your styling products.
clip in hair extensions   Alright ladies, I hope this post was super helpful in giving you all the tips and tricks to keeping your hair extensions in the best shape possible so you can get the most out of each set! Thankfully, Cashmere uses 100% Remy hair - AKA they won't tangle up on you like mixed hair will and they will keep very well as long as you take good care of them! If you have any questions, you can always email or DM us on Instagram at @cashmere_hair. Happy hair days! xo, Makenna