February 28th, 2023

How To Properly Hang & Store Your Clip-in Extensions

By Tatiana Montano

cashmere hair classic clip-ins with hanger

cashmere hair clip-ins on top of open extensions hanger

cashmere hair clip-ins inside of clamped extensions hanger

  1. Start by detangling your extensions with a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush. Gently comb through the hair extensions to remove any knots or tangles.
  2. Hold your human hair extensions at the top, where the clips or wefts are located, and lay them over the wooden hanger. The hanger should be placed underneath the extensions, so the extensions are hanging down from the hanger.
  3. Smooth out the hair with your hands and make sure it's evenly distributed on the hanger. Make sure the extension clips are closed and placed just above the hanger clamp to avoid damaging the clips once the hanger is clamped closed.
  4. If you have multiple sets of Cashmere Hair extensions, you can use multiple hangers and storing them in our Cashmere hair Storage Bag Set to keep them organized. Just make sure to evenly distribute the hair on each hanger.
  5. Store the hangers in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Avoid hanging the extensions in a damp area or where there's a risk of water damage.

Using wooden hangers for extensions is a great way to keep them organized and prevent tangles. It's also a convenient way to store your extensions and keep them within reach when you're ready to use them.