April 15th, 2020

Influencer Hairstyles Round Up

By Taylor Toro

Let's be real, we've all been influenced at some point in our lives. Whether it's a cute top we've seen on someone's IG feed, a yummy recipe an influencer posted to her stories, or a new book a blogger is raving about in her latest post, we can gain a lot from what other people are publishing to social media.

Tips, tricks, sale alerts, life hacks, you name it - I've learned so much from the amazing women on my social media feeds.

One of my favorite strategies for trying a new look is hunting through my favorite style influencer's latest photos. It can be helpful to see the finished product on someone else before trying to achieve the look yourself.

Considering we're social distancing at the moment, what better time to practice with styling new extensions and trying out new hairstyles? I contacted some of my favorite influencers and had them submit a photo of them rocking one of their favorite hairstyles. These are women killing it at everything from brewing craft beers, professionally styling hair, shooting wedding photography, to blogging inspiring fashion.

Let's comb through these adorable looks!

Dutch Braid

Influencer: Megan Stone Instagram: @isbeeracarb

Perhaps the most whimsical and eye-catching of today's influencer hairstyle round up is this rainbow dutch braid. It's a simple style at its core, but the dimension of the brilliant colors makes it look intricate, complex, and exciting.

Not bold enough to rock these colors permanently like beer-brewing-beauty Megan? Cashmere Hair extensions has an amazing rainbow hair extensions dye kit (like, you have to see this!) in addition to peek-a-boo colored extensions in colors like red, pink, and turquoise.

Dramatic Side Part

Influencer: Erin Foley Instagram: @erin.foley__

There's nothing like a sleek blow out. It offers so much body and fullness to anyone's hair. I love how Erin's lighter strands are coming out to play post blow out! I also love how she went for a dramatic side part, swooping a large portion of her hair over the crown of her head, and letting it fall naturally for a sexy va-va-voom look.

This can be achieved with a large round brush and blowdryer. Dry your hair in the opposite direction you want to part it in and then sweep over to the other side for some extra volume.

Fairytale Braid

Influencer: Tatum Gilkey Instagram: @tatumgilkey

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! Tatum is an absolute fairytale with this crown braid that cascades to one side. The two tendrils she's pulled in front make for an even more romantic, time-period-esque look.

Tip: Once the braid is complete go back and gently pull on each section to widen and give the illusion of thicker hair.

Tussled Curls

Influencer. Francesca Instagram: @frankvinyl

Hairstyles don't have to be complex to be beautiful. I love the ease and femininity Francesca's tussled waves give off. She achieved this look with a good old fashioned curling iron.

Look how the curls make her highlights pop!

Beach Waves

Influencer: Taylor Toro Instagram: @Taylor_Toro

This look is similar to Francesca's but is achieved by creating tighter ringlet curls with a wand and then gently brushing them out into a fresh-from-the-beach look.

I achieved the length and volume associated with this hairstyle thanks to Cashmere Hair's 20 inch Bombshell Brunette extensions. They are THE best! I seriously get so many compliments.

This hairstyle feels very versatile to me. It works for the dress ensemble I have on in the picture and could easily transition well for a t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Bonus: Once curled and brushed, throw your hair into a half-up hairstyle and tie with a patterned scarf for extra cuteness, pulling two tendrils out to frame the face.

Volumized Low Pony

Influencer: Danielle Glanz Instagram: @shestyledwhat

The epitome of girly-chic! This is Danielle's go-to Spring and Summer hairstyle look.

Now, how can you achieve this adorableness for your own head of locks? First, curl your hair. Second, pull it in a low pony. Then tease the hair. Last, throw on hat!

I can't wait to try this look out myself (shhh, it seems perfect for that second day hair where your roots are starting to glisten but your ends are still bouncy and fresh).

Half Up Scrunchie

Influencer: Taylor Grace Instagram: @taylorgrace

Taylor is giving me all the heart eyes in this half up look. It feels youthful and sophisticated at the same time.

To recreate Taylor's half up hairstyle curl your hair, then section the front into a middle part and pull your shorter layers out. In this case Taylor took thicker sections of hair for her face-framing pieces. Comb the remaining hair from the top of your ear line back into a high ponytail. The higher the sassier!

Secure with a cute scrunchie and you're ready to go!

Crown Braid

Influencer: Danielle McBrayer Instagram: @dphotopro

How adorable is Danielle fair-side with her cotton candy!? The crown braid framing her face is totally upping the over all aesthetic in this photo.

And guess what? It's super easy! Start by braiding one side of your hair (extensions work great for this, just hide them beneath your natural hair) and then bobby pin the braid across your head and secure on the other side.

It's so quick for on the go!

It was so fun reaching out to all of these absolutely inspiring women! They're each rocking their passions and rocking fabulous hair! Let me know which style was your favorite in the comments below. Also, make sure to check out all these babes account's for more fun.

xoxo, Taylor

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