July 15th, 2017

Mini Fishtail Pig Tail Braids

By Makenna Ashley

Today we're showing you these fun mini fishtail pig-tail braids! This style would look great with a flat brimmed hat, floral top, and ripped jeans for that effortless, trendy yet bubbly style!

Mini Fishtail Pig Tail Braids

Step 1: Clip in only the four 3" side pieces that come with your Cashmere Hair Extensions (2 on each side of your head.) Split hair in half, putting hair into pig-tails and tying off with a clear elastic.

Step 2 & 3: Start fishtail braids on each side, braiding about three inches down. Tie off with clear elastics.

Step 4: Pull out pieces from the fishtail braid to get them wider and more full.