May 6th, 2020

Ponytail Extension Tutorial

By TaylorToro

I love a good ponytail. They're spunky, practical, and can even be made into an elegant bridal updo - what's not to like? However, my natural hair needs a little help to achieve a bouncy, glossy, THICK ponytail, which is why I was so excited to try Cashmere Hair's ponytail extension!

Let me tell you, it's life-changing.

1. Ponytail Extensions Are Low-Maintenace.

This extension piece makes flawless ponytails your reality in a matter of seconds. It's that fast and easy! And this is coming from someone who loves the look of hair extensions, but is not skilled at styling hair. Seriously, I can hardly do a regular old braid!

All it requires is a sturdy hair tie and a brush to see your own ponytail transformation come to life. I mean, you don't even need the brush as long as you can get your hair in a nice high ponytail to start.

It really is that easy. Again, this is coming from the girl who can hardly style her own hair.

2. Prepare to Slay Your Zoom Meetings

Work From Home Desk

During this new age of video calls, I'm able roll out of bead, pop in my ponytail extension, and sign in for my Zoom meeting looking fresh and polished.

This has definitely been my go-to Zoom look during lockdown - it offers a little more polish than the haphazard bun I would normally plop on my head. A ponytail feels really feminine, polished, and put-together!

3. Your Perfect Ponytail Extension Color

While you would normally choose a hair extension shade that matches your hair from the middle to the ends, for a ponytail, your darker color at the roots shows more prominently. To make it look the most natural, try to match the color closest to your roots.

Cashmere Hair Extensions has a super robust collection of shades, and it's crazy how well my Bombshell Brunette extensions match my natural hair color.

No one ever has to know it's not your real hair!

4. How To Wear It

Ponytail Hair Extensions

So now you know how amazing the Cashmere Hair ponytail extension is... but do you know how to wear it?

Like I said, it's super simple! I'm going to break it down below, but you can also reference my video tutorial at the beginning of this post.

Step 1: make a Ponytail

Pull all of your natural hair into a ponytail and secure tightly with a hair tie. It's important that the hair tie is tight - you don't want your ponytail flopping around with the extension attached!

Personally, I like to go for a very high ponytail for added volume. In addition to that, I use a scrunchie to create a thicker base so my ponytail sits even higher.

Hot tip: Ariana Grande's styling team stacks MULTIPLE hair ties to give Ariana her iconic pony. 

Step 2: attach the comb.

Hold your ponytail extension so that the comb's teeth are facing toward the back of your head. Take the extension and slip the comb under where your natural ponytail starts (between your hair tie and your head).

The hair from the ponytail extension should now create a waterfall of sorts around your own hair. Give the comb a little wiggle to make sure it's secure.

Step 3:Wrap it.

Take the smaller piece of the ponytail hair extension and wrap it around your hair tie, concealing the tie more and more with each wrap. The first time around, make sure you connect the velcro on this wrap piece to its counterpart on the main extension piece.

Step 4: Bobby pin.

Take the last bit of the smaller hair piece (after your last wrap around your ponytail) and secure around the base of your ponytail with a bobby pin or two.

Step 5: slay.

And voila! You are fabulous!


The perfect ponytail isn't a dream, it's just a quick insert away.

If you're debating between Cashmere's ponytail insert or their full set of extensions, there are several things to consider.

Do you wear your hair up a lot? Are you looking for something more low hassle and  time efficient? The ponytail extension might be your best option!

Do you style your hair down regularly and devote a little extra time to your look? The full set of extensions may be right for you!

Personally, I love the flexibility of having both. If I'm short on time, I can still have long, thick, luscious hair with the help of my ponytail extension. But if I have a little more time and I'm really trying for a WOW look, I'll put the full set of extensions in and wear my hair down in big volumized waves.

I hope you found this video tutorial and ponytail breakdown helpful, and feel free to pop any questions below in the comments. If you want to grab a ponytail extension for yourself to try, I'll link that below for you. Happy styling!

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