December 31st, 2020

Revive Clip In Hair Extensions: The Ultimate Guide

By Makenna Ashley

Ever felt like your clip in hair extensions needed a bit of a boost? Over time, the hair can become dull, tangle easily, and lose a bit of their signature Cashmere silkiness. This doesn't always mean you need a new set, however. It's totally normal, and easily fixed! Here are a few of our favorite tips to revive clip in hair extensions.

revive clip in extensions

1. Wash Your Clip In Extensions

While you don't need to wash your hair extensions nearly as often as you would your natural hair, you also don't want to totally neglect them. The first order of business to revive clip in hair extensions would be give them a good wash!

(We wrote a post about how to wash clip in extensions too, in case you need a refresher).

First, you'll want to make sure the shampoo and conditioner are safe for extensions. We recommend our specially formulated Hair Care Set as you'll be assured there won't be any harmful ingredients that could potentially ruin the extensions over time.


But what sets our Shampoo apart?  It is formulated to rebalance & moisturize. There are no parabens, sulfates, or sodium chloride. It's safe for use on clip in hair extensions, color treated hair, and is also straightener safe! It is also a UV and thermal protectant for extra protection when styling.

The Silk Amino Acids help soothe and moisturize the hair without adding weight. Essential nutrients restore and rebalance the pH level of the hair, leaving it smooth with a healthy luster - the perfect first step to revive clip in hair extensions.


Next step is Cashmere's conditioner. It is safe for chemical and color treated hair, including the hair in your clip in extensions. This deeply penetrating conditioner, infused with Silk Protein and Natural Botanical Extracts, rebuilds dry, damaged and chemically treated hair in just 60 seconds. Like our shampoo, it adds shine, luster and revitalizes stressed hair (great for helping to revive clip in hair extensions). Fights fly-aways and frizz, and is pH balanced. Safe for use on hair extensions, colored, straightened and chemically treated hair.


Cashmere's deep conditioning treatment is super-charged with proteins and extracts that work to restore moisture, strengthen the hair & puts a stop to frizz. It helps to reduce breakage and gives the hair that extra repair it sometimes needs.

You can put this deep treatment on your clip in hair extensions for 5-10 minutes, or let it soak in overnight for extra conditioning. Once you use this, your extensions will be stronger and shinier once again! Don't use it for every wash - every three or four washes will be enough.

2. Revive Clip In Extensions with Shine Spray

With everyday wear, pollutants, and styling products, your extensions might eventually lack the luster they once had. To revive clip in hair extensions, grab your Cashmere shine spray and give the hair a light spritz for immediate shine!

To use: Spray 1 pump in palm of your hand and rub hands together, then run hands over the hair extensions, starting with the ends to evenly distribute. Another method is to mist 1-2 pumps at 7-12 inches away from hair in order to spray evenly. Use the Cashmere Hair Brush to evenly distribute the new shine.

revive clip in extensions

3. Keep Clip In Extensions Styled and Safely Stored

One of the best things about clip in hair extensions is that they hold their style forever. Once styled, you can store them away safely in your Cashmere bag! They'll be ready for use the next time you have an event or just want to wear them for the day - ready to clip in and go in seconds.

Keeping them stored in a safe place, not mangled with other brushes and such will prolong the life of your extensions. Put in a little extra care for them, and they'll work for you making your morning routine a breeze! You won't need to revive clip in hair extensions nearly as often if they're neatly stored in a bag.

Quick & Easy: Clip In Extensions Tutorial

Ever seen those gorgeous hairstyles on Instagram and wondered how to get the same look? Let's face it - in this day and age most of us gals need hairstyles we can pull from the tool belt that don't take forever to do, but also make us feel fun, confident and express our own personal style!

Maybe hair comes naturally to you - or maybe quite the opposite. Whichever the case, today's hair tutorial and tips will surely level up your clip in hair extensions game.

Tutorial details

First, grab your favorite cozy beanie, your extensions, and some clear elastics. Then let's get to playing with hair! In this video, I'm wearing my 20" Pale Ash Blonde seamless hair extensions! You'll definitely want some added length and thickness for this look.

The beauty of using clear elastics is when you pull on the hair as shown above, it creates this gorgeous texture. While you can use a thin regular hair tie, the clear elastics are really what make this hair style so fun and texturized.