February 19th, 2020

Romantic Updo With A Twist

By Cashmere Hair

Hair extensions have become increasingly popular amongst women of different ages. While you may have found the perfect updo for your wedding day, Valentine's Day, or brunch with your friends, your hair might be too fine or not long enough to pull it off. Hair extensions can help add volume, length, texture and/or chemical-free color to any style.

You can personalize your application to meet all your needs. Best of all, hair extensions will have you looking beautiful on any occasion and lasting you a long time. I'm mostly talking about the clip in kinds which are not damaging and the best part you can wear them or not wear them whenever you want.

I always love a beautiful romantic day look, so today I'm bringing you a gorgeous hairstyle and adding a cute scrunchie as the finishing touch.  For the hair tutorial, I will show you how to achieve this beautiful updo using a few clear hair ties and a scrunchie. Using your Cashmere Hair extensions will help add that extra length and volume everyone's looking for!

This tutorial is all about the details! The added twists  are so eye catching that make this hairstyle different than most. Model is wearing Sunset Blonde in 18" for this style. Once you've learned the technique you can put your own spin on this style and make it your own!

Here is a step by step guidance you can use to create this hairstyle in case you don't have access to your phone or laptop when you need to create this hairstyle.

  • Step 1: Apply your Cashmere Hair extensions like you would normally do If you were to wear your hair down. In the video our model Haley is only using two tracks because her natural hair is already thick.
  • Step 2: Once the extensions are in you are ready to start your updo. First put a half up half down pony using a clear elastic while wrapping the elastic twice around the ponytail as you don't want your ponytail to be too tight.
  • Step 3: Split the base of your ponytail (before the elastic part)  into two parts and grab your ponytail up and put it through and around  the space you created. Tighten your ponytail just a tad but not too much.
  • Step 4: Grab a 1" piece of your hair from the left and a 1'' from the right directing both piece to the left side and create another ponytail while repeating Step 2 and Step 3.
  • Step 5: Repeating the steps above grab a 1'' piece of hair from the left and 1" piece of hair from the right over-directing both pieces to the right side. Using a clear elastic create another ponytail. Divide the base of it into two parts and grab your ponytail up and put it through and around  the space you created. Tighten your ponytail just a tad but not too much.
  • Step 6: Repeated the above steps 3 more times to create 3 more twisted ponytails.
  • Step 7: Grab your hairspray and apply all over the hair twists. To create dimension grab each twist and pull on them. This will create a more care free look.
  • Step 8: Add your favorite scrunchie at the end and curl the pieces at the end. Spray one last time.

Now that you have some hair inspiration, just throw on you best pair of heels and a blanket scarf and you'll be looking like a million bucks this spring for your day or night on the town! Thanks for watching, and I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial as much as we loved creating them for you! xo

Hope you love it, be sure to tag @cashmere_hair on IG so we can see your recreations!