April 23rd, 2021

Are tape-in extensions bad for your hair?

By Barry Bernstein

With all the different types of hair extensions on the market today, you’re probably asking yourself, what should I do; spend lots of time researching and asking lots of questions to evaluate what is right for me? I’ve done some of that work for you. So, let us start with; should I use Tape-in hair extensions? Below is the basic process of Tape Hair Extensions.

Application of Tape-ins

The process starts way before the extensions go in. Your hair must be clean and clear of any hair products, dyes, conditioners, sprays, rinses, oils, etc. You can’t color your hair the same day either. It is these products that will prevent the adhesive from sticking to your hair, since they are used to remove the Tape- in hair extensions, when it is time to do so.

The application starts at the back of the head, separating the hair using a rat tail comb, making a straight line about two inches above the lower hair line, and making a part at that point. Using the rat tail comb a small amount of hair is lifted from below the horizontal part and the first tape in hair extension is then applied. The lifted hair is then laid down for the next extension to be applied directly over the taping of the first extension. In other words, two extensions have to be laid down in each section. For the back of the head, it takes anywhere from five to twenty extensions. Once the back of the head is completed, each side of the head is next. This becomes a little trickier because of the hair lines around the ears and forehead. Some individual extensions might have to be cut in half at the tape end, as to fit about an inch or two away from the hairline. Most stylists use a “brick” layering method so no gaps are apparent. Remember each area of each section needs two tape-in extensions. Watching a professional training video, I realized to be efficient; it takes the stylist and an assistant to install this type of hair extension. The stylist needs both hands in order to comb, separate, and hold the small layer of hair, while the assistant peels off the paper from the taped area and hands it to the stylist. It does take an experienced stylist with good coordination to apply these extensions properly.

You might ask yourself, “Can I do this myself at home”? The answer is YES, if you have four hands and eyes at the back of your head. On YouTube, I watched one person try to do this all by herself and it was clear that she was having a difficult time of it.

Care and maintaining Tape-in hair extensions

If your hair grows fast, the tape in extensions moves down with your hair growth and needs to be removed and redone every 6 to 8 weeks. If your hair grows slowly, maybe you’ll get 8 to 10 weeks of use. The recommendation to wash your hair is only once a week and you had better put aside several hours of your time. Since there are 45 to 60 extensions in place, you’ll have to be exceptionally careful not to disturb the tape-in areas. Do not use a hair dryer because of heat softening the adhesive. Do not use a towel to dry hair because you will loosen the extensions as well. The recommendation by the professionals is to ring out your hair and let it dry naturally. There goes your date for tonight and a whole evening shot. Once it is dry, remember no hair products, or the extensions will come loose. I have a few questions: What happens when you comb or brush your hair  extensions? Do the extensions move? Does your hair get damaged? What do you do if a few extensions come out? What damage does the adhesive actually do to your hair and, when they are being removed, how much hair do you lose?

Removal of Tape-in extensions 

Now the extensions have been in for quite awhile, your hair has grown and the extensions have moved down out of place and it is time to remove them, all 45 to 60 extensions without damaging your hair or the tape extensions. How much hair of yours sticks to the tape as it is removed? Has the adhesive damaged your hair? Do you have allergies to glues and adhesives? Alcohol or oil can be used to remove the extension, so do you use alcohol which removes natural oils from your hair or do you choose oil? How difficult is it to remove oil from your hair and scalp?

How much will Tape-in extensions cost?

Wait you are not done yet, now all the tape and adhesive has to be removed from each and every extension. Are you going to do that or are you going to pay the salon to do it?

That comes in addition to the entire application and the extensions themselves. You could purchase the extensions on line or buy them from your salon, but I suggest you ask your salon if they will apply those bought from the outside. Remember the salon and stylists are there to make money.

The pricing for the extensions and application run an average of $600 to $800 the first time, then if your extensions are good to use again, maybe $400 to $600. Quoting a professional Tape-In Hair Extension company, they charge $30-$40 per panel, a panel is two Wefts installed together. So let’s do the math. $30 times 20 panels equals $600 for 40 pieces; $30 times 30 panels equals $900 for 60 pieces. How about $40 per panel x 20 panels, equals $800 and this is the cost for you purchasing them.

It seems very clear why salons like this type of extension! They make a ton of money over and over again.

Good alternative to Tape-in extensions

Is there a solution to having hair extensions, without the tremendous expense and labor involved or possible damage to your hair? Do you have to return to the salon every six weeks? The answer is NO you don’t. The answer is Cashmere Hair Extensions, the perfect alternative to Tape-in extensions is Seamless clip in hair extensionsClassic Clip in hair extensions, and Halo Volumizer One Piece extensions.