If you are wondering which kind of extensions to choose you need to think about which kind will fit your lifestyle. There are so many kinds of hair extensions in the market but you need to decide whether you would like clip in hair extensions or semi-permanent hair extensions. If you are an active person I highly recommend the clip in hair extensions because you can wear whenever you need to add that oomph to your hair. Semi permanent extensions are great too but they can be very high maintenance.

Bridal Hair Extensions DOs:

  • DO find a hair extensions company that provides multicolor extensions. Choosing two shades of hair extensions can give your hair a multidimensional look without damaging your hair. By doing this, you play with different shades while choose a base color that matches your hair and a lighter color to give you instant highlights. Some companies offer color rings and tester pieces which help you choose the right shade without buying a whole set.
  • DO curl your real hair and the extensions together. I find it so much easier to get a natural look where my hair blends perfectly with the hair extensions If I curl my hair and the extensions together. I like to use a 1.5" curlign wand and style my hair by alternating my curls. First I start curling my hair by grabbing 1" section and curling away from my face and vice versa.
  • DO make sure you wash and condition your set of extensions before your wedding day. This step is so important whether you are getting married or not, you must do this regardless. Washing your extensions when you purchase you give them a more natural feel. Also, it's important to wash them after a few wears as so much product build up and you want to make sure there are clean for the big day.

Bridal Hair Extensions DON'Ts:

  • DON'T use too much hair! A lot of times we tend to think more is more and wear more make up than usual or try a new hairdo the day of the wedding. There is nothing more beautiful than looking like yourself on your wedding day. Make sure you have one or two hair trials before your big day. During these hair trials you and your hairstylist will decide how much hair you will need for your haistyle. Often times you won't need more than one set of hair extension otherwise it can look unnatural and be very uncomfortable.
  • DON'T clip in extensions too close to your hairline. I'm guilty of this as many other women and this hurts and it can be so uncomfortable! I usually wear my extensions about 2 inches away from the scalp. You don't need to do this as now clip in extensions have changed and If you find a good brand most clip in hair extensions come with clips that have a silicone grip which hold onto your hair very well.  But If want to be 100% your extensions won't go anywhere you can tease the area where you will be applying them and apply some hairspray.
  • DON'T blunt-cut extensions. This is crucial as you don't want anyway to be able to tell you are wearing hair extensions and do not cut your extensions yourself. Take them to your hairstylist and ask him/her to cut your extensions while you are wearing them to make sure they blend perfectly. Often times I find my extensions blend the best with my hair when I curl them.

Hope you found these tips and tricks helpful. Please leave a comment below If you have any questions.