July 29th, 2020

Tie Dye Hair Accessories: 3 Ways To Wear Them

By Makenna Ashley

Hey Cashmere fam! Makenna here, and today we're chatting all things tie dye. Being both a 90's kid and lover of all things colorful, I am so happy this trend is coming back in style! It's such a fun technique that can be applied to everything from sweatshirts, to scarves, to your favorite scrunchies. Today, I'm going to teach you three different ways to add tie dye hair accessories to your summer styles.

Where To Find Tie Dye Hair Accessories

I wanted to find some tie dye hair accessories that would give my outfit a fun pop of color (for the days I'm not rocking the entire matching loungewear set!). All three of the hair accessories I used are from Target, but there are tons of cute options online too (check out this Emi Jay).

Have your accessories? Let's get to it!

Before We Start: Hot Tips

The biggest tip I have for these hairstyles is to really frame the pieces around your face. You can also (gently!) tug on the hair surrounding the hair tie to get that effortless, lived-in appearance.

If your hair is naturally very smooth and silky (aka, doesn't hold style well) spray first with some texture spray. Doing this will both give your hair more volume, and keep it in place once you've styled it the way you like.

And finally, to achieve these hairstyles you'll want to have loose waves or curls in your hair! You could definitely do these styles with straight hair, but the gentle curls give it a more texturized look, which is what I was going for in the video.

1. Tie Dye Scrunchie Scarf: Low Braided Pony

tie dye scrunchie low ponytail

We'll start with the first style shown in the video - the low pony! With my extensions in I absolutely love how effortless pretty a low ponytail is. The tie dye hair scarf adds a gorgeous feminine touch, and I just love how it turned out.

braiding hair extensions

I also added in a very loose braid on the side, which compliments this style nicely. The key to this style is to pull pieces out to frame your face, as well as gently pulling on the hair surrounding the base of the hair tie. This will give the ponytail more volume and overall shape.

2. Tie Dye Velvet Scrunchie: Half-Up, Half-Down

tie dye hair accessory hairstyle

Next we have one of my personal faves, a very relaxed half-up half-down hairstyle. Using the velvet tie dye scrunchie, I loosely gather the top portion of my hair into a

ponytail and wrap it up into a bun. Then I use my fingers to rough up the bun for a more "lived in" look.

3. Tie Dye GIANT Scrunchie: Messy Bun

giant scrunchie messy bun

Lastly, the classic messy bun. You'll see in the video just how massive this scrunchie

is, but once you wrap it twice it really is the perfect size for a messy bun! It doesn't get overshadowed and I really like that about this one. It's a navy color, so not too attention grabbing - yet still rocking the edgy-ness of the tie dye.

(Does your messy bun need more volume? Check out our DIY Donut Bun tutorial here to amp up your buns!)

tie dye scrunchie messy bun

I'm wearing my Camden lashes as well as my Pale Ash Blonde Classic Extensions.

Experimenting with trends like these tie dye hair accessories keeps me inspired and energized while I'm stuck at home most of the time. With summer in full swing, I hope you get to try some of these hairstyles out for yourself!

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