May 27th, 2016

Twisted Fishtail Braid Tutorial

By Makenna Ashley

Twisted Fishtail Braid Twisted Fishtail Braid Tutorial: Step 1: Using a clear elastic, pull half of you hair into a low half up-half down pony tail.  Step 2: Split the pony tail in half, making a hole in the center. This is what you will be pulling your pony through so make sure it's a clean hole in the center! Step 3&4: Pull the pony up and through the hole you made.  Step 5: Tighten the pony tail if needed. Sometimes it gets loose in the twisting process, this is also the time you want to make sure your pony is centered and not going on one side more than the other. Step 6: Gently pull out small pieces from the twist, making it look fuller. Step 7 & 8: Fishtail your pony tail. You can pull out pieces from the braid to make it chunkier, whatever fits your personal preference! Finish with some hairspray to keep the braid in place all day!   Use the hashtags #cashmerehair #makennaashleyhair so we can see your recreations! CASHMERE HAIR EXTENSIONS