November 11th, 2020

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Hair Extensions

By Cashmere Hair

Here at Cashmere Hair, our mission is to help customers feel like their most beautiful, confident selves. That's why we offer multiple types of clip in extensions in tons of unique colors, and source the finest quality hair available - it's all to help you achieve that dreamy length and fullness you deserve. However, if you're not familiar with hair extensions, we recognize that figuring out what to purchase can be a task. 

You can always call or email us and our customer service team is happy to help, but we thought it would also be helpful to put together this handy little article - think of it as the ultimate guide to choosing hair extensions. So relax, let down your hair, and let us walk you through the process. Let's get to it!

1. What's Your Hair Type?

Before we help you choose the perfect hair extensions, we need to figure out what you're working with in terms of natural hair.

Hair Texture

What's the texture of your hair? Run your fingers through your hair to get a loose strand, or pull one from your hairbrush. Then, compare it to the below diagram to find your texture type.

hair type diagram

All of our extensions (except for our seamless extensions) are made from premium Indian Remy hair of the highest quality, and work best for Type 1 and 2. Types 3 and 4 can also work well, you'll just need to heat style either your extensions or your natural hair to match the other.

Our seamless extensions are made from European Remy hair. European Remy strands are a touch finer and shinier, which means these extensions will work best for Type 1 and Type 2 hair.

Hair Volume

How much hair do you have? Many of our customers deal with issues like hair loss or breakage, so don't despair if you're going through this - we're here to help! Gently gather your hair in one hand as though you were about to start a ponytail. Does it feel thick? Thin? In-between?

Hair Health

Next, let's talk hair health. Is your hair dry? How's your scalp? Have you never dyed it before, or are you touching up your blonde every few weeks? Is your hair damaged from tape-in extensions, or breaking easily? These are all things to note before we move on with this ultimate guide to choosing hair extensions.

2. What Do You Want From Hair Extensions?

Now that we've defined your natural hair, it's time to move on to the fun part: what do you want from your clip in hair extensions?

guide to choosing hair extensions


If your hair is thin, damaged, or extremely fine (we see you, Type 1's), you probably want to use extensions for extra volume.

Our classic clip-in extensions are perfect for those who need more overall volume. The fabric wefts give your hair an extra boost at the roots, and we include seven tracks to get you that gorgeously full volume. They range in length from 12" to 24", so you can add length as well as volume if you prefer!

Now, if your hair is so fine that you're worried the extension wefts might show, we recommend trying our new seamless extensions. The wefts are made from ultra-thin silicone, so they lay quite flat to the head, and are easy to conceal even with extremely thin natural hair. They also come in our seven weft design, so you're still getting that extra volume from root to ends.


If your hair is already fairly thick, congratulations! You don't need to worry too much about volume, and can focus more on adding length. We offer clip in extensions in lengths from 12" all the way to 24", so there are plenty of options to ad some gorgeous flow.

To determine your length, measure from your ear down to the ends of your hair. You can usually get away with up to 6" longer than your natural length without much extra effort to blend the extensions.

Pro tip: If you have a very blunt haircut, you might want to layer the extensions once you receive them - this helps them to blend in easier!

If you're looking to add length and want a super-quick option, our One Piece Volumizer is a great pick. It's 20" long (which can be trimmed or not), and is a single weft. That means you can add 20 inches of gorgeous volume in under ten seconds - it's even easier than our classic 7 piece set!

3. How to Choose Your Color

We'd be remiss if we didn't review color matching in our guide to choosing hair extensions. Picking the perfect color can be tricky - luckily, we're here to help! There are three ways you can be color-matched. Take pictures of the front, back, and side of your hair in natural light, then send them via one of the following methods:

  1. Text 213-222-3878
  2. Send via our Color Submission Form
  3. DM them to us on Instagram

We also have an ultimate guide to color matching if you want to learn more about the process and how we match you!

4. Guide to Choosing Hair Extensions

You might already have a product in mind at this point. But in case you're still undecided, here's a quick breakdown of each of our extension types.

guide to choosing hair extensions

Classic Clip In Extensions

Our Classics come in a 7-piece set ranging from 12"-24". They come in all our colors, and are designed using a classic fabric weft. These are the extensions that started it all! Classic clip in extensions are great option if you're an extensions beginner or want something that's super versatile.

Seamless Extensions

The new Seamless Extensions are designed for those with thinning or ultra-fine hair. They come in the standard 7-piece set, are available in most colors, and come in 12"-20" lengths. If you're concerned about wefts showing through your hair, or creating noticeable bumps, then these are for you.

One Piece Volumizer

Our One Pieces are Cashmere Hair's answer to halo extensions. We removed the uncomfortable wire and added a series of clips for secure, comfortable wear. The One Piece Volumizers come in all our colors, and are 20" long. They're ideal for someone with long hair who just wants to add volume.

Wrap Ponytails

We love ponytails! Our clip in ponytail extensions come in all of our colors, in either 16" or 20". If you rock a pony often, these are a great option. They're much faster and easier than creating a pony with classic extension wefts, as you don't have to worry about hiding the tracks. Ariana-level ponytails await.