December 16th, 2020

Volumizer One Piece Extensions: 5 Top Styles

By Cashmere Hair

Even if you're staying home this year, the holidays are always a busy time. And when you're busy, the last thing you have time for is styling your hair... that's why we're bringing you a blog post dedicated to styles using our Volumizer One Piece Extensions! If you're in a rush, the One Piece is always the way to go. It clips in in seconds to give you instant length and volume to play with - perfect for the styles below.

volumizer one piece extensions

An important note before we start - most of these hairstyles can also be achieved using a set of halo extensions. You can read more about why we don't make halos (and why we do make our Volumizer One Piece!) in our post about halo extensions.

1. High Volume Ponytail

For this style, Haley shows how to get a crazy-voluminous ponytail. You'll need your Volumizer One Piece Extensions (or your halo extensions), a hairtie, comb, and bobby pins.

First, section your hair on an angle towards the crown of your head. Be sure to watch the video to see how Haley does it. Then, clip in your One Piece Volumizer.

Next, back-comb your top section of hair, just above the weft of your Volumizer One Piece Extensions. This is what will give you that 70's-glam volume! You can use the Cashmere Brush to smooth down the top so it has a sleek look, but be sure not to brush out what you've just teased. If you're using a set of halo extensions, make sure the wire is completely hidden by your hair.

Then, secure your pony with the hairtie towards the nape of your neck. Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail to hide the hairtie, then secure with a bobby pin. Just like that, you're done!

(PRO TIP: if you're a big ponytail fan, it might be time to invest in Ponytail Extensions - they make ponytail styles even easier!)

2. Twisted Half-Up Hairstyle

Next up, we have a gorgeously simple half-up style. You'll need your Volumizer One Piece Extensions (or your halo extensions), a curling iron, some hairspray, and bobby pins.

First, section your hair and clip in your Volumizer One Piece Extensions. Again, watch the video to see where Haley sections - it's about ear level for this style.

Next, part your hair down the center, and curl each side of your hair away from your face. This doesn't need to be perfect - we're going for a bit of a boho look here!

Then, grab a small section at the front of your part. Split the section in two, and then twist, adding hair from the top of your part as you go. This is a step you definitely want to watch the video for.

Once you've reached the back of your head, twist the section to the end, and spritz with hairspray. Pull out the twist to add texture, then bobby pin it back. Repeat on the other side, and you're finished!

2. Side Fishtail Braid

Don't know how to fishtail braid? Here's where you learn! For this style, you'll need your Volumizer One Piece Extensions, brush, small alligator clip, and a hair elastic.

First, section your hair and clip in your Volumizer One Piece Extensions (or, slide on your halo extensions). Then, brush your hair and part in the middle. You can also backcomb the back section a bit to help hide the extension wefts, if you feel like there's not enough coverage.

Next, pull all your hair to one side - you can use an alligator clip to keep hair from slipping back while you work (see the video for exact placement). Split your hair into two sections. Then take a small piece from the back of one section, pulling it around and over the top to add it to the other section. Do this from the other side, then continue down until you've reached the end of your hair.

Use your hair elastic to secure the ends, then take out your alligator clip. Congrats - you just learned how to fishtail braid!

4. Baby Bubble Braids

How cute are these baby bubble braids? For this style, you'll need your Cashmere Hair Volumizer One Piece Extensions (or halo extensions), a large-barrel curling iron, and a package of hair elastics.

First, section your hair and clip in your Volumizer One Piece Extensions. Make sure you brush out any tangles.

Then, go through and add texture to your hair with the curling iron. You can alternate curl direction for a beachy look, or make the curls in all one direction for something more polished.

Next,  take a section of hair from the front of your part and tie it off with a hair elastic. Add another section of hair to what you already have, then tie that section off a few inches down. Pull the hair out a bit in each to create the bubble effect.

Section off the remaining hair with elastics, pulling out as you go to make the bubble braids. Repeat on the other side, and you're good to go!

5. Romantic Twist

This romantic twisted updo gets a bit fancier - but don't be scared, it's actually super easy! For this style, you'll need your Volumizer One Piece Extensions (Haley uses regular wefts in the video, but the One Piece makes this updo even easier!), a package of hair elastics, hairspray, and a curling wand.

For this style, we think it's best if you follow along directly with Haley's video - she filmed it in real time, so you can do your hair exactly along with the video!