February 26th, 2014

We Are Proud Of Our Instagram!

By Cashmere Hair

Big Commerce wrote an article on How to Create an Online Store, Part 4: Attract and keep the right buyers and featured CASHMERE HAIR'S Instagram in their section about how we provide customer service through our Instagram page by immediately answering customer questions and concerns! Here's what they wrote: "Provide customer service. Letting customers share how they feel about your business can actually do your brand world of good. I know it’s scary to think that someone may share something negative, but social media provides you an opportunity to jump in and help rectify the situation, which can instill confidence in your customer base. Just responding quickly questions proves you stand by your product. Cashmere Hair is extremely proactive on their social networks, especially Instagram, where they answer customer questions in a very approachable way." Don't follow us yet? Find us on Instagram at @Cashmere_Hair Check out the full article: hair