September 16th, 2022

What Is A Tester Piece And How Do I Use It?

By Rachel Koren

 A tester piece is a separate piece of hair that comes with each extensions set that you can open up and try on before committing to keeping the extensions that you purchased. It is designed to ensure that you are choosing the right color and length as well as product to blend and match with your hair. 

What is a Tester Piece?

A tester piece is an extra sample piece that comes with the hair extensions in the same color and length as the hair extensions that you ordered. The regular set of hair extensions is secured with a security seal for hygienic reasons. Once the security seal is removed or broken, you can no longer return or exchange extensions. This is why the tester piece was created, and why it is included with your set of clip-in extensions

How to clip in a Tester Piece? 

The first step when you receive your extensions is take the tester piece out of the packaging. Try it on by applying it underneath your hair right above your ear. Do you want to use the tester piece to check the length and the color of the clip in hair extensions. 

Check the color and length 

To check the color of the blend seen the ends of your hair this is the part that will show and that will give you the length therefore you want it to match with the ends of your hair. It is OK if it is slightly different than the top of your hair, because the top of your hair will be covering the hair extensions anyways. If you ordered a human hair ponytail extension, you wanna make sure that the ponytail hair extension matches with your hair pulled back. The tester piece is a great tool to use to ensure that you get the right hair extensions for you. Also check that the length is not too long or too short for your hair and that it is appropriate and will look natural.


When to open the security seal? 

This is not the right color, or length, do not open the full set of extensions or you will not be able to return them. If you would like assistance with choosing a different shade to match, or a different length, or even a different product, take a photo of your hair with the tester piece clipped in and send it to us at

When can I clip in hair extensions?

After you have opened the hair extension packaging, you are ready to clip them in. 
Feel confident in knowing that what you’re purchasing is the perfect product for your hair. You can keep the tester piece once you’ve decided to keep the full set. You can use this as an additional piece to clipping on the back of your head, or are used to create ponytails as a bonus!

Video Instructions How To Use The Tester Piece?

Watch our video for more details and instructions on how to use the tester piece.