What is the difference between Seamless and Classic Clip In Hair Extensions?

Both the Classic and Seamless clip-in extensions are sold in a full set of 7 wefts. There are 3 main differences between the Seamless and the Classic Extensions. The most noticeable difference is how the hair is held together at the top of the track.

Seamless clip-in extensions are made with a thin silicone-based weft that lays flat against your head. The Classic extensions use a method where the hair is folded over and sewn securely into a track. The second difference is the weight of the hair. Seamless extensions have slightly less hair per pack (and therefore per individual track) than the Classic clip-in extensions. This makes it easier to conceal the Seamless clip-ins for those with fine or thin hair.

The third main difference is the type of hair used. Seamless extensions are made with European Remy human hair, which tends to be silkier, finer, and smoother in texture. The Classic clip-in extensions are made with Indian Remy hair which has a naturally wavy texture to it, which gives it more volume, allows for better curl and styling hold, and has a denser texture to it, making it the perfect hair to use for the majority of hair types.

How long does my hair need to be to wear clip in hair extensions?


Your hair should be around shoulder length, which is at least 6-7 inches long for best results, and easier blending. We recommend this length so that your hair is long enough for the clips to secure onto your hair securely, and to ensure that you can enough hair to cover and conceal the clips. It is possible to conceal the extensions with shorter hair but will be more difficult for a beginner.

Volumizer One Piece Hair Extensions (AKA better than halo hair extensions)

We recommend that your hair is bust-length (medium to long length) to wear the Volumizer. We do not recommend Volumizer hair extensions for those with short hair as you will need more wefts and hair to create a seamless blend. (If you purchase a set of Classic or Seamless clip-in extensions, you can add in additional tracks from those sets to wear with your halo-style Volumizer to help to create a more seamless blend.

Ponytail Extension

Your hair should be long enough to tie into a bun or ponytail. It can be worn in a low, medium, or high ponytail. If you are not able to get it into a high ponytail, wear your hair in a low ponytail or bun. When creating a bun or ponytail you need to make sure that the hair tie is super tight, and that it is secure so that the Cashmere hair Ponytail Extension can attach to it securely. If your hair is very fine, using a stronger, and thicker hair tie can make a big difference in helping to secure your ponytail. Weak elastic, and loose hair ties will not work and your ponytail will fall off or fall flat.

How are Cashmere Hair Extensions different?

We don't like to brag, but our hair extensions really are the best, and we have a lot of experience in this industry. We source the best quality hair and our hair extension designs allow for a lot of flexibility to meet your needs. Cashmere Hair Extensions are created using only the highest quality, long lasting, professional grade 100% Remy human hair. We offer the convenience of a DIY application for even the most inexperienced user. Cashmere Hair gives you salon-quality hair without spending time or money. ​​Specially designed full tracks with small clips create the perfect hair extensions. It only takes minutes to apply, and seconds to remove. They are easy to conceal, even with thin hair.

Plus, we do want to mention our excellent customer service! We really care about each and every one of you, and we want to help you get the most gorgeous hair, we want to be your hair HEROES! Call, text, or email us, we are happy to help!

What length should I choose?

Cashmere Hair extensions appear different in length for every person, because of different torso lengths, neck lengths, and head sizes. If you have a long torso or are tall, hair extensions may appear shorter on you. For petite bodies or short torsos, Cashmere Hair will appear longer on you.

To determine how long your extensions will be on you, use a measuring tape, and measure from 12, 16, 20, or 24 inches down from the top of your ear. This will give you an idea of how long our lengths will look on you. You also want to be sure that you are purchasing clip-in hair extensions that are 2-4 inches longer than your own hair length for best results. 

Our hair extensions come with a tester piece that can be used to determine if the length is a good match for you when you receive your order in the mail. If it isn’t an ideal match, we are more than happy to accommodate a return or exchange within 60 days.

Will clip in hair extensions damage my hair?

No damage will occur, unlike traditional salon extensions. We advise against teasing your hair before applying clip-in hair extensions. Our extensions can be applied to your hair without any teasing. It may not be ideal, but let's face it, it's ALWAYS better for your own hair if the extensions are pulled on, so that they "slide" out of position, instead of putting any tension or ripping out your own hair.

During daily wear, if a track slightly slides out of position while wearing it, reach into your hair, unclip it, and readjust the clip back into position. This is completely normal and is actually one of the benefits that make clip-in hair extensions the safest and healthiest option.

In addition, clip-in hair extensions should never be worn when sleeping, or bathing. Always remove hair extensions if they start to feel too heavy, irritating, or uncomfortable. Clip-in hair extensions are not meant to be worn 24 hours a day. Clip-in Hair Extensions can be reapplied and styled daily without causing any damage. Proper wear is important to the health of your hair.

Wearing them clipped in too tightly can put pressure on your scalp. To fix this, unfasten the clip and lower the location where you are clipping them and try grasping more hair in the clip. The clip should only be attached to your hair and not pulling on your scalp. If you are experiencing any hair loss, damage, pain, or discomfort to your own hair or scalp, discontinue use and consult a physician.

If my hair is very thin, will people be able to tell I'm wearing extensions?

Cashmere Hair Extensions are easy to conceal, even with thin, fine, and short hair. Seamless hair extensions are 50% thinner and lay flat against your hair making them even easier to conceal. You will just need enough hair to lie over the top weft to cover it but don't worry, our clip-in system is different because it's designed to be worn lower on your head than other extension brands, making it easy to disguise and blend with your own hair.

For the majority of our customers, no teasing is required to cover the tracks, and we actually advise against it in most cases. We use small clips that have a silicone strip to help them grip onto a small amount of hair to stay secure, making them perfect for our fine-haired customers. Cashmere Hair clip-in hair extensions will not be visible if worn correctly.

The beauty of Cashmere Hair Clip-in extensions is that they make achieving the look of gorgeous hair natural and easy whether you have thin hair, fine hair, damaged hair, or short hair. You will get compliments on how great your hair looks and no one will know you are wearing hair extensions.

How do I pick the right color for me?

How can I get help choosing a Shade?

Let our color matching experts recommend a shade for you.

  1. Text us photos of your hair to 213.222.3878
  2. Email photos 3+ of your hair to photos@cashmerehairextensions.com.
  3. To submit photos now, click here.
What part of my hair should the extensions match with?

The best color to choose for your hair will be the one that matches the ends of your hair. This means that the color that is best for your hair will be the color of your hair from your chin down to the ends of your hair. We recommend purchasing 2 sets if your hair has multiple shades or more than 3 shades. Your hair can be darker underneath or in the back, and this is very common. In order to wear your clip-in hair extension with a flawless blend, you may need 2 shades to match with color changes in your hair. Never choose the hair color of your "roots" as that tends to be a different shade. Unless you are intentionally growing out your color.

Will Cashmere Hair Extensions stay in my hair, without slipping out?

Our extensions will not slide out on their own, even with fine hair. Cashmere Hair uses the best quality clips to ensure they stay securely fastened for maximum comfort & safety. Clips play an important role in the comfort, durability, and safety of clip-in hair extensions. It's important to understand these clips are designed to gently slide out only if major pressure or a very strong pull on the extensions occurs, to help prevent damage to your own hair and scalp.

TIP: If you would like added support on occasion, you can gently tease the hair just at the base where you plan to attach the clip. For even more hold, lightly spray the teased section with hairspray and let it dry, before attaching the clip. But we don't recommend this method for daily wear.

I Have Curly Hair, Which Extensions should I use?

Who said curly girls can’t wear extensions? All you need to do is curl them to mimic your hair's natural texture. Because our hair extensions are made from 100% Indian Remy hair, it has a natural wave texture to the hair.

We choose this Indian Remy hair for hair extensions because of its natural texture and its ability to hold curls really well. If you have curly hair, this is a great option for you because maybe you just have a light wave similar to the hair extensions' natural texture, or it can be easily styled to match your natural curl without fear of not blending in.

Similar to naturally styling curly hair, you can scrunch the extensions and diffuse the ends of the hair to give it even more of a curly texture. Once you have applied some hair gel to the hair extensions and scrunched them, you can either let the hair air dry overnight or diffuse them. You’ll want to kind of cup the hair so that it scrunches up inside of the bowl of the diffuser and let the hair dry holding it in place, try not to move the dryer around so much which can create frizz. Once the hair is fully dry, you can scrunch any crunch left from the hair gel and clip them in.

If your hair is curlier than the hair extensions’ natural texture, all you’ll need are a few curling irons that match the texture of your hair. You can even alternate between sizes because a lot of times your curly hair naturally has different textures. Maybe it's different on the top than it is underneath. Read more here

What is a Volumizer One Piece Clip In Hair Extenion?

Love HALO CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS? We have something even better! It's called the Volumizer One Piece, and it's similar to a Halo hair extension design but without the obvious, annoying, and unnecessary string! Get heavenly hair in just seconds with Cashmere Hair Extensions One Piece Volumizer.

Our improvement on a Halo Clip In Extensions is simply, a clip-on hair extension that attaches to the back of your head and blends with your own natural hair instantly for ultimate volume. Best suited for medium to long hair. It’s the perfect fast, one-and-done hair extensions solution for easy application.

The Volumizer Weft is a one-piece 6-clip weft that is 8 inches in width and 20 inches in hair length. It can be worn alone or as the perfect addition to add more volume to your existing Cashmere Hair set. Try it out and see why our customers prefer the Volumizer One Piece over halo hair extensions any day!

What is the length of Cashmere Hair Extensions?

Cashmere Hair Extensions are all 20" inches in length (50cm-56cm). We believe this is the perfect length for a natural long hair look. When worn in the recommended application they automatically layer themselves giving you a more natural look. We also highly recommend getting them professionally cut to incorporate layers into your hair extensions will allow for the most natural look by blending with your own haircut.

WANT LONGER THAN 20 Inches? Email us for a custom length in the color of your choice! (Additional charges apply, please allow 3-4 weeks) Cashmerehairbh@gmail.com

WANT SHORTER THAN 20 Inches? If you think 20" is too long for you, don't worry, you have 2 options, you can either can custom cut Cashmere Hair extensions to the length that you desire. You can also email us for a custom order (Additional charges apply, please allow 3-4 weeks) Cashmerehairbh@gmail.com.

What are swatches?

Swatches are for your convenience, to assist you in color matching your own hair to Cashmere Hair. Swatches are a small sample of the color of Cashmere Hair, and do no clip on or attach to your head. They are meant to be used only for color matching purposes. They are a small section of hair that can be used to place next to your own hair. When ordering swatches, select the colors in the color family that are closest to your hair color.

Not sure which swatches to order?

Swatch Recommendations:

  • For Light Blondes: Lightest Blonde Swatch, California Blonde Swatch, Sunset Blonde Swatch.
  • For Medium Blondes: Sunset Blonde Swatch, Natural Blonde Swatch, Golden Blonde Swatch, Ash Blonde Swatch, Rodeo Drive Blonde Swatch.
  • For Strawberry Blondes: Golden Blonde Swatch.
  • For Dark Blondes: Ash Blonde Swatch, Sunset Blonde Swatch, Natural Blonde Swatch, Rodeo Drive Blonde Swatch, Malibu Blonde Swatch.
  • For Light Brunettes: Malibu Blonde Swatch, Beverly Hills Swatch, Starlet Brunette Swatch, Brown Swatch.
  • For Medium Brunettes: Beverly Hills Swatch, Starlet Brunette Swatch, Brown Swatch, Dark Brown Swatch, Ombre Swatch.
  • For Dark Brunettes: Starlet Brunette Swatch, Brown Swatch, Dark Brown Swatch, Black Brown Swatch, Ombre Swatch.
  • For Black Hair: Black Brown Swatch, Pure Black Swatch.
  • For Ombre Hair: 9021Ombre, Ombre Swatch, or order the colors that you think will closest match the ends of your hair. For Redheads: Roxbury Red.

*NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES on swatches. They are yours to keep, or when you are done using them pass them along to a friend!

How many tracks are included in a set of CASHMERE HAIR?

This is what really makes Cashmere Hair Clip In extensions the BEST, aside from the excellent quality of the hair...The specially designed track system. This track system includes a total of 7 tracks with 5 times the amount of hair per track compared to the competitors. There are 4 specially designed side pieces, and 3 back pieces. The clips are sewn to the tracks, and tracks cannot be purchased individually. The side pieces can also be worn in ponytails, braids or up do's to enhance the look of your hair without being able to see the tracks.


Will Cashmere Hair Extensions be visible, will people be able to tell I'm wearing them?

No, Cashmere Clip-in Hair Extensions should not be visible. The beauty of Cashmere Hair Clip-extensions is that they make achieving the look of gorgeous hair natural and easy. Once fitted they are a perfect blend with your own hair. They provide unlimited versatility with a natural look and feel. Our clip-in system is suggested to be worn LOW ON YOUR HEAD making it easy to disguise and blend with your own hair. Part of the secret of wearing hair extensions is blending your hair extensions into your natural hair for the most discrete & natural look.