May 9th, 2024

Meet Rachel Koren: CEO of Cashmere Hair Extensions

By Tatiana Montano

Tatiana M.
April 26th, 2024

All About Rachel Koren: Becoming the CEO of Cashmere Hair

bride with blonde hair on her wedding dear wearing cashmere hair extensions
rachel koren in her early career with her makeup brushes
Meet Rachel Koren, one of the beautiful Co-Owners of Cashmere Hair Luxury Clip-in Extensions, helping to bring the Cashmere Hair beauty secret to women of the world!

Early Career

Rachel was a make up artist in addition to being a model at the early stages of her career. She eventually was inspired to start a blog and then also started selling makeup brushes of her very own. She always had an entrepreneurial spirit and it’s always been something that’s motivated her to have an empire of her own one day. Even when she was a model, instead of going through an agency, she was very good at networking and negotiating all her own deals with clients. She enjoyed the freedom that it gave her as well as the ability to have control over her own business. She took in as much information and knowledge as she could during modeling jobs, and learned a lot from the business owners she had come in contact with and the people that worked for them to learn about different aspects of their businesses. She started selling make up brushes that were designed for makeup clients and she also began creating makeup tutorials that would be posted on her growing Youtube channel. It was also the very beginning of Instagram, so it was much easier to reach people with her online storefront. She didn't know it at the time but all of this prior experience would ultimately lead her to the successful business that is Cashmere Hair!
rachel koren ceo of cashmere hair clipping in hair extensions

The Begining of Cashmere Hair

When Rachel & Melissa first met, they both realized that they both shared an entrepreneurial spirit, and it was something that they quickly connected over in the beginning of their friendship. They were both in industries that relied on having (or creating) beautiful hair, and they were both experts in hair extensions at that point. Not happy with the selection of hair extensions on the market at the time, they started creating extensions of their own to use, and when everyone started complimenting us on their “natural” hair, it just made sense to share their secret with the world. 

Their first ever products were made with 100% Remy human hair from India. Remy hair is hair with the cuticle still intact and the follicles facing in the same direction. Remy hair is also the best type of hair for extensions because it results in very smooth and shiny appearance, even after multiple washes. While they still use Remy hair from India, they’ve also expanded to lines featuring 100% European Remy human hair. European hair is generally silkier, finer, and smoother, while Indian hair is denser with a natural wave pattern. This makes Indian hair hold volume and style much better. They make sure that what you get from Cashmere Hair is the highest quality money can buy.

Overtime, they have expanded to offer haircare and accessories to help style and maintain your extensions as well as a line of lashes made from high quality human hair to complete your natural yet glamorous look!

the cashmere hair ceo's on set of shark tank

Shark Tank

Cashmere Hair's first defining moment was when their Cashmere Hair Shark Tank episode aired. Being so fresh in their new business, Rachel & Melissa still had much to learn in their business and going on Shark Tank was truly was an awakening experience. Nonetheless, they would grow to appreciate that it happened at the very beginning of their business. Rachel & Melissa excitedly filmed for an episode of ABC's popular investment TV Show SHARK TANK. Just a few months later, in December of 2013, their episode aired, where the women presented their brand new business to the Sharks & the world. While no deal was made, and it was tough hearing their feedback, it made them better and more savvy businesswomen in the end. Looking back now, they are so grateful that a deal wasn’t made. They’ve not only done it all on their own, but it’s also entirely their business and that’s something they are incredibly proud of.
Since the show, they’ve scaled up their brand exponentially. Now, they’re a multi-million dollar business and they’ve been featured in numerous different publications and shows. Even celebrities are using their products on the red carpet and in publications! It’s been an amazing journey, and while it was difficult to accept and be optimistic about it at the time, who knows where they’d be had they been offered a partnership by one of the Sharks.
ceo's of cashmere hair rachel & melissa

Their Impact

Cashmere Hair is committed to empowering women all over the world by providing them with high-quality hair to boost their confidence and self-esteem. They believe that everyone deserves to have great hair, and Cashmere Hair makes it easy to achieve that dream!
It is known that not everyone is blessed with long gorgeous hair. They Cashmere Hair girls wanted to create clip ins that were easy and that made gorgeous hair achievable for anyone and everyone. For this reason, Cashmere Hair clip in extensions are one of the top hair extensions brands in the world. From how easy it is to clip them in and remove them, to the highest quality real human remy hair, wide range of color options, lengths and overall design, Cashmere Hair extensions are worn by thousands of happy-&-now-hair-swishing women all around the world. You could be one of them!

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