May 31st, 2024

Tips For Volumizing Thin, Flat Hair

By Tatiana Montano

Tatiana M.
May 31st, 2024

The Secret to Going from Fine & Flat to Full & Fierce: Cashmere Hair

woman with short blonde hair before and after cashmere hair extensions

Elevate Your Hair Game: Adding Volume to Fine, Flat Hair with Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions

Are you annoyed with your flat hair that becomes so lifeless regardless of the number of products that you use? Do you wish to have a beautiful head of hair that could be styled into voluminous curls or sleek high ponies? Well, the solution might be easier than you think! Meet Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions – a wonderful way to improve the look of your hair and give your hair more body and length.

If you are among the fortunate people with naturally thick hair, then you may not have an idea of the trouble that comes with managing flat hair. But for those of us who have fine and thin hair, the quest for the best volume remains a lifelong mission. Fortunately, Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions are a much more reasonably priced and a much less painful solution than many people may think and does not require the need for several hours spent in a salon or large amounts of money spent on permanent solutions. Here's how you can transform your hair from lackluster to luscious using Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions:

woman holding cashmere hair color ring against her hair to find her shade

Choose the Right Shade

It is important that you first select the color of the clip-in extensions that you would like to wear. The color of the extensions should be as close as possible to the natural color of your hair. As for the choice of the color, Cashmere Hair offers a rather diverse selection of natural-loooking shade, which means that a person can find the perfect shade for their hair, whether it is red, brunette or blonde. 

If you are having trouble finding your perfect match, you can visit the color match tab on the Cashmere Hair website to be connected with a color matching expert, who will help guide you in the right direction. You can also purchase a few individual swatches or a full color ring in your similar shade range, for you to get a better look at the shades in person before you committ to purchasing.

set of cashmere hair classic clip ins with a tape measure

Select Your Ideal Length

For those who would like to have longer or thicker hair, Cashmere Hair also has hair extension products for sale with different lengths. For adding more volume to the flat hair, it is recommended to select extensions that are equal to the natural hair length or slightly longer in order to add layers.

It can be difficult to decide what length is right for you, which is why we created these general guideines to show you how each length looks from the front and back.

Now, keep in mind that everyone's body is different in size and shape, and it may fall slightly different on you. 

  • If your hair is at your shoulders or just above your shoulders, for the most natural look choose our 16 inch length.
  • If your hair is 1-4 inches below your shoulders you can usually choose any length that is closest to your own hair length for the most natural look. If you want to add length, choose either the 18" or 20".
  • If your hair is longer, we have 22" and 24" that can be custom ordered through our website.
  • If you would like a shorter length, since 16" is the shortest length available, we encourage you to get the custom cut to desired length by a professional with experience cutting extensions.

If you need further help selecting a length, email us at or call us at 213.222.3878.

hairstylist applying texture powder before applying extensions on model

Prep Your Hair

Before applying your luxury clip-in extensions, you will need to comb through your hair to get rid of any tangles. If you would like some extra volume and grip, use a product that enhances the root volume of hair such as a texturizing powder or trapy. This will help in gaining more traction to ensure that the extensions do not slip throughout the day.
You will then proceed by sectioning out from the top of the head to right behind the ear and section and set aside the front and left side sections. Start on the back of the head about two inches from where your hair starts in the back of the neck, we're going to have that sectioned out.
hairstylist applying cashmere hair extensions to model

Apply the Extensions

Start off with the six-inch wide track, this is going to hug around the shape of the head with the section we're going to tease the hair, and then we're going to secure these in place. You're going to start from the middle and work your way out clipping these in place. This will allow for a more secured application so that when you do style them and wear them throughout the day, you'll have more security and longevity to the hairstyle.

We're going to repeat this step going into the next track. You're going to go one to two inches above that horizontal part, do another horizontal part. With the seven-inch wide track, we're going to place this in. It's an inch longer and this is just going to hug the shape of the head. You're going to continue this and blend and style your natural hair into that extension hair. The weft that we just applied is our middle weft.

Now we're going to go to apply the top weft. It is going to be applied in the same technique again, an inch to two inches above that horizontal section. Our top weft is our longest one. This is again going to follow the shape of the head here. After these have been clipped in and styled, you can drop the remaining hair we sectioned on top in the back quadrants and style the remaining hair together with the extensions.

Now that we're done with the back, we're going to transition to the front. Here, we're going to start off with the right side. We're going to backcomb and tease about one to two inches above the ear. A great tip to ensure your front tracks will not peek through, is to take a tail comb and if you can see through it, leave a bit more hair in the front to conceal the weft. Here, we're going to go at a slight diagonal angle and place these shorter three-inch wide tracks in.

After that has been placed and styled with your natural hair, you are going to do the same step with your second side piece just above the first one. You can even go a half-inch to an inch higher. Again, style at a side diagonal angle. You don't want to get too close to your natural parting because you don't want these tracks to be exposed. You are then going to drop the remaining hair on that side and you're going to style the hair with the extensions. You'll then repeat these same steps on the other side.

3 models showcasing different hairstyles with cashmere hair extensions

Blend and Style

After all the extensions have been applied, use your fingers to gently comb the extensions through your hair to make them look more natural. Use a curling iron or a straightener to give it more volume and create a wavy or curly look. To complete the voluminous look, simply spray some hairspray to keep the hair in place all day.

Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions can provide instant thickness and also versatility. These extensions may be worn for special occasions like nights out or even formal events but they can also be worn for more laid back occasions such as a brunch with friends or even work.
In addition, the quality of the Cashmere Hair extensions is unparalleled – they are made from 100% Remy human hair that is carefully collected to ensure that it looks as natural as possible when worn with other hair. Also, these extensions are easy to maintain and with proper care, they can be used for months at a time which means that one can change the style of their hair from time to time and get to enjoy the volume that comes with it.

Therefore, if you have been craving a fuller and thicker head of hair Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions is a life saver. It's time to let go of the limp and straight hair and embrace the thicker hair that will boost your confidence and make you look and feel good every day. So why wait? Welcome to the world of Cashmere Hair and pamper yourself to become the beauty that you have always wanted to be!

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