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Color description
P6/10 - Beverly Hills Brunette hand-tied hair extensions contain a base of light brown hair blended with a very subtle dark blonde highlight throughout. Beverly Hills Brunette is the perfect matching hair extension shade for light brown hair with blonde highlights. This highlighted brown hair color also blends well with medium brunette hair to achieve a balayage effect.

Genius Weft Hand-Tied Hair Extensions (Uncut)
This is genius! The Genius Hand-Tied extensions are a brilliant new weft design that can be cut directly anywhere on the seam without the weft unraveling. The Genius Hand-tied extensions give you the freedom to customize every sew-in hair transformation. Stack up to 6-8 wefts on one row and achieve ultimate volume. Plus, no return hair which keeps the weft itch-free.

Each half-pack contains 1 bundle with 36" in total width, & 60 grams of hair total.

This weft is uncut, and CAN be cut at any place along the seam, making the width completely customizable, with less wasted hair.

Grams weight per length
16" inches, 60 grams
20" inches, 60 grams
22" inches, 60 grams
24” inches, 60 grams

Width of weft
36” total width

Hair Type
100% Remy European Human Hair

Full Head Application
Purchase 2-4 half-packs for a full-head installation. Available in half-packs to allow you to mix & match shades or lengths enabling you to order exactly what you need.

Intended for Professional use only.

Additional Information
• Our hand-tied extensions are known for their cashmere softness & beautiful quality, plus their long-term durability which allows the wearer to enjoy these high-quality extensions for months to come.
• All Cashmere Hair Hand-Tied extension wefts are extra thin to lay extremely flat against the scalp.
• These hand-tied extensions are 100% non-damaging when properly installed.
• Cashmere Hair’s Hand-tied hair extensions allow for the easiest & quickest hair extension installation. No tape, no glue, no heat, and no tension is applied to your natural hair for application.
• Easily add fullness and length, all while blending seamlessly.
• All Hand-tied extensions and products are FINAL SALE.