Get instantly fuller hair around the front of your hairline with 4 easy to conceal seamless tracks.

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Color description
4 - The Brown hair extension shade is a rich, multi-dimensional, solid medium brown hair color with warm undertones. The perfect hair color for regular brunettes.

Fill In Clip In Hair Extensions

0-checkmark.png Boost of volume to thicken the sparse areas of hair around your face.
0-checkmark.png Seamless lay-flat and thinner design is easy to conceal.
0-checkmark.png Safe for use with delicate, thin or very fine hair types.
0-checkmark.png Damage-free clips that are gentle on your hair.
0-checkmark.png Conceal postpartum hair loss or covid hair loss
0-checkmark.png Installs in seconds to fill in thin hair anywhere you need it.
0-checkmark.png Create commitment free highlights by clipping in a lighter shade.
0-checkmark.png Long lasting high-quality 100% Remy European human hair.
0-checkmark.png Beginner friendly & can be used alone or with other extensions.
0-checkmark.png Use as replacement tracks, as side pieces for the Volumizer One Piece, or multiple sets for a custom look. 

Tracks Included
(4x) Four 3 inch wide tracks (2 clips on each)
Cashmere Hair's Fill-Ins clip in hair extensions consist of 4 small tracks, and will not give the same results as a full-head set of extensions.

Length & Grams
16 Inches, 48 grams

Tip: If this length is longer than your hair, you will need to trim the entire set shorter to match your hair length to achieve a natural blend. If you have curtain bangs or layers that frame your face, please allow a hairstylist trim the wefts to match your haircut. We recommend already clipping the fill-ins into your hair prior to the haircut, and using a numbering system for the wefts, so that you know exactly where each weft is supposed to go for future uses.