April 23rd, 2021

The Perfect Heat For Styling Seamless Clip In Extensions

By Kerry Lynn

What is The Perfect Heat for Styling Clip In Seamless Hair Extensions?

If you are wondering what the best heat is for styling your clip in seamless hair extensions is, you are at the right place! Here at Cashmere Hair, we know that taking care of your natural hair and your glam seamless hair extensions is essential in your beauty routine. 

There are so many tips and tricks that are key to preserving the life of your luxurious clip in extensions. Let me show you how to put the care in hair care. Let’s work together to find the perfect styling routine for your clip in hair extensions!

Should I Put Heat Protectant on My Extensions?

As the saying goes, “invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off”. Glam seamless hair extensions are an investment. If you are like me, I always treat the luxury items I own, like my Cashmere Hair Extensions, with love. Taking care of your hair extensions helps keep them in the best condition possible. (No pun intended, although I do love an amazing deep conditioner).

I'll admit it. I did the absolute unthinkable. There was a time when I skipped the most crucial step when it comes to heat styling my clip in hair extensions: using a heat protectant. Have you ever gone to the beach without sunscreen on and immediately regretted it afterwards? That is exactly how I felt after learning the importance of protecting my classic clip in hair extensions and glam seamless clip in hair extensions.

Not only am I totally hair obsessed and always on the hunt for the latest beauty products, I am constantly looking for more ways to maintain the health of my hair.  After working in hair salons for many years, I find that all hair stylists have one thing in common when it comes to a heat styling seamless clip in extensions: they all use a heat protectant!

So you may be wondering, what exactly is a heat protectant? And why is it so necessary to use one on clip in hair extensions? The best way to break down how a heat protectant works on hair, is to compare the concept to how sunscreen works on skin. Just like how we use sunscreen to protect our skin from harmful UV rays (with many of the latest sunscreens also serving as a moisturizer), a heat protectant for your luxurious seamless clip in extensions does just that.

It is essential to use a heat protectant prior to styling your clip in seamless hair extensions in order to protect your soft strands from hot tools. Whether you are creating beach waves with a curling iron or straightening your glam seamless hair extensions with a flat iron, protecting your hair from high temperatures and potential damage is essential.

Cashmere Hair Extensions Heat Styling

What Temperature Can Seamless Hair Extensions Be Styled At?

When us hair gurus receive the question, what the best temperature for clip in seamless hair extensions? We know deep down that the best heat for hair is no heat. But if only it was that easy!

Whenever possible, try to beat the heat. I find that one of the best ways to limit the amount of heat I put on my hair, and my seamless clip in extensions, is to let them air dry. I know, I know that may seem like a stretch especially if you are someone who adores having a fresh blowout (it is a wonderful feeling I must say!). Luckily in our forever-evolving beauty world, there are products made specifically for air drying your hair and your clip in seamless hair extensions.

Although I may be a master at skipping the blow out step in my beauty routine, I cannot help but lust over beautiful beach waves and sleek styles. I find that I can only achieve these looks with hot tools -- and my Cashmere Hair Extensions.  Before I create curls and beach waves with my clip in hair extensions, I always reach for a heat protectant.  I always look for a heat protectant that can be applied on my clip in hair extensions, and my natural hair, right before I style.

I find that when I use a heat protectant on dry hair, there is so much shine and my clip in seamless extensions get an extra boost of moisture. I lightly spray the product on the mid length and ends of my clip in hair extensions -- exactly where I will be using my hot tools. Be sure to avoid getting styling products on the clips of your glam seamless clip in hair extensions.

PRO TIP: Before heat styling, ALWAYS make sure that your hair has completely soaked up the product, and that your hair is dry.

How Many Times Can You Apply Heat to Your Clip In Hair Extensions?

When it comes to heat styling, you just never know how many times your clip in seamless hair extensions will allow you to curl them, but using a low heat setting will help to prolong their life. We love the Boujee Beauty Barrell Curling Iron and it has a low heat setting that works great with seamless clip in hair extensions. I am obsessed with big and bouncy waves -- and this curling iron helps me create just that.

he ceramic surface of the curling iron helps glide through my glam seamless hair extensions to create a frizz-free and silky look. One feature that is so important to look for in heat styling tools is an adjustable heat setting. An adjustable heat setting allows you to experiment with heat and see which temperature works best for you -- and your clip in hair extensions. And of course, the Boujee Beauty Barrell Curling Iron has an adjustable heat setting. This curling iron combined with the best seamless clip in hair extensions is the ultimate dynamic duo!

PRO TIP: ALWAYS start with the lowest temperature and work your way up. You may surprise yourself and find that your hair does not require as much heat as you think.

Cashmere Hair Extensions Hair Care

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

Now that your hair is looking fabulous in your glam seamless hair extensions, it’s time to talk about maintenance! 

Healthy hair always holds styles the best (and of course, feels amazing) and is easily obtainable with the right products. Once a week, I use a deep conditioner on my hair and on my clip in hair extensions. My favorite deep conditioner is the Cashmere Hair Deep Treatment.

This overachiever truly makes my hair and my clip in hair extensions feel like butter! This deep conditioning treatment restores moisture and reduces potential breakage that can be caused from color and heat. I leave this delicious smelling treatment in my hair, and clip in seamless hair, extensions for about 2 minutes. The best part? After rinsing, I can already feel the difference in my hair. 

PRO TIP: Over time heat styling can make your clip in hair extensions look and feel a little lackluster. To combat any sort of dullness, I use the Cashmere Hair Extension Shine Spray to protect my glam seamless clip in extensions. This incredible product smooths over any damage and prolongs the life of my clip in hair extensions. This shine spray is amazing to use on extensions before heat styling, and as a last minute dash of shine before clipping them in! 

I hope you have found this beauty breakdown helpful! Be sure to keep up with our blog and follow us on Instagram for the latest tips & tricks on all things clip in hair extensions - and beauty! X