March 25th, 2022

How To Blend Clip In Extensions

By Cashmere Hair

In case you haven't noticedl, we are obsessed with clip in hair extensions -- but can you blame us? Clip in hair extensions are such a fabulous way to instantly elevate your hairstyle and confidence. Whether this is your first time wearing clip in extensions or you have been wearing our luxury hair extensions for years, it is important to learn how to properly blend your hair extensions so that you can get the discrete, seamless look you are dreaming of (pun totally intended).

Cashmere Hair Extensions 18" Seamless Extensions Rodeo Drive Blonde

Should Clip In Extensions Match Your Natural Hair Texture?

What Kind Of Clip In Hair Extensions Are Right For Me?Ideally, yes. Just like there are certain hair products that are better for fine hair and certain hair products that are more ideal for thick hair -- the same goes for hair extensions. Not only is it important to take your hair type and texture into consideration when selecting a set of clip in extensions -- it is equally as important to find a shade and length that matches your natural hair. Let's take our luxury seamless hair extensions for an example -- our Seamless Clip In Extension Collection was specifically designed for babes with hair on the finer side. Since it is can be a bit of a challenge for thin hair to conceal clip in extensions, our seamless hair extensions are 50% thinner than our OG classic clip in extensions and are virtually undetectable. 

What Length Of Hair Extensions Should I Get?

Brunette Hair Extension Product Photo

If you are deciding which length of hair extensions is right for you, It is always ideal to have an idea of what you are looking to achieve from your clip in hair extensions. We love a good reference photo! If your hair is 1" to 4" inches below your shoulders you can usually choose any length that is closest to your own hair length for the most natural look. If you want to add length, choose either the 18" or  20". If your hair is longer or if your dream is to be the real life Rapunzel (you go, girl!), we offer also offer our Classic Clip In Extensions in 22" and 24". Keep in mind -- if you have your eyes on our longer lengths and your hair is on the shorter side, it may take a bit more time to blend your extensions. But with our pro tips and help from our go-to styling tools, your hair goals can easily be achieved within minutes! 

What Styling Tools Are Best For Blending Clip In Hair Extensions?What Styling Tools Should I Use To Blend Clip In Hair Extensions?

Our Cashmere Hair Babe, Olia Majd founder of Love, Olia, raves about her Cashmere Hair Seamless Extensions and shares with us her best practices to achieve beautifully blended clip in extensions. Olia's expert advice for blending your hair extensions is by taking out your favorite curling iron and start styling your hair! The waves and curls help blend your natural hair with your extensions and conceals any pieces or layers to achieve a very natural look (and your hair will look so gorg). The true game-changer when it comes to blending hair extensions is using a high quality hair brush to detangle your hair and keep your extensions looking brand new. Although it is amazing to use on your natural hair, our iconic Cashmere Hair Brush is specifically designed to keep your hair extensions silky, tangle-free, and seamlessly blended. 

Can You Blend Hair Extensions That Don't Exactly Match Your Hair?

Hairdresser applying hair extension

It is possible! Even if you find your perfect color match, extension type, and desired length -- you may still consider customizing your hair extensions to fit your personal wants and needs. If you are someone who has a good amount of layers in your hair, you may find yourself wanting to add layers to your clip in hair extensions to achieve a more natural blend. If you are looking to alter your hair extensions in any way, we always recommend seeing a salon professional that is experienced with hair extensions.