June 17th, 2020

How to Curl Hair Extensions

By Makenna Ashley

how to curl hair extensions Now that the world is slowly but surely opening back up, it's time to brush out those extensions for a night on the town. Maybe you're headed out with girlfriends for a long-awaited girl's night? Or perhaps you're gearing up for a dinner date with that special someone. Whatever the occasion, we're all excited to get back out in the world, and it's a great excuse to glam it up! For me, a night out is never complete without hair extensions - check out this post, this one, or this one for ideas. Now, you might notice that in many of our tutorials we suggest curling your hair and extensions as the first step. But if you're new to extensions, that leaves out some very important information: how to curl hair extensions. In this post, I share my three favorite techniques to make curling your hair extensions a breeze. Let's get started!  

Before You Start: Detangle.

  The very first thing you'll want to do is give your extensions a good brushing. Bundle the tracks together to brush them all out at once, or if they're more tangled, brush out one track at a time. Make sure you're using your Cashmere Hair Brush, as it's specially designed to minimize breakage - you can find it here. Once your extensions are smooth and brushed out, you're ready to start curling! Here are three options for how to curl hair extensions.

Option 1: Curl Before Clipping.

  The first option I have for you is to curl your extensions while they're not on your head. This technique is perfect if your own hair is still wet, or not quite ready to be styled! There are two ways to do this. If you're super-skilled with a curling wand, you can hold your extensions in one hand, and curl with your wand in the other. If curling one-handed is too tricky, simply clip your extensions into the hanger from your Cashmere Luxury Bag, then hang it on the edge of your vanity mirror or sink. This way is a bit easier, as you're free to use both hands while curling.

Option 2: The Over-The-Hair Technique.

  curling hair extensions over the hair This technique is my personal favorite! Clip one track at a time onto the crown of your head, over your natural hair. Yes, I know it looks crazy, but it's only for while you're curling! Simply section the extension hair, and curl each piece as you normally would. This technique is great when you are trying to get your curls going a certain direction. Though your extensions are few inches above where you'd actually place them, your curling form will be the same, which ensures they curl in the direction you intend them to. Curling this way works even if your hair is un-styled, and it's also perfect if you don't want to separate your natural curls too much.

Option 3: The Clipped-In Curl.

  curling hair extensions while clipped in Our final option for how to curl hair extensions is to simply clip the tracks into your hair as normal, and curl them together with your natural hair. You can even separate everything into layers once your tracks are clipped! This technique is perfect if you need to curl and style quickly, and it's a great way to blend extensions with your natural hair. The only time I would not recommend this is if you're using a curling method that tugs on the hair. Once your wefts are clipped in place, you don't want to tug too hard - this causes them to slip! While the Cashmere clips are rubber-backed for slip-proof wear, repeated hard tugging will push their limits.

Final Thoughts

  final product Do you have a different technique that works for you? I'd love to hear about it! Drop your process for how to curl hair extensions in the comments below. I have to admit - clipping in my extensions to finish the "look" is always my favorite part of getting ready... maybe that's why I prefer to curl mine separately. I love how my hair looks with added thickness and length - it's a 30-second confidence boost! There are so many styles to achieve when you have a bit more hair to work with. Messy buns, ponytails, a soft wave or beachy curl... it's all possible with hair extensions! In today's tutorial, I'm wearing Cashmere Hair's One-Piece Volumizer in 20" Pale Ash Blonde. Click the button below to shop: Shop Hair Extensions As always, you can find me on Instagram at @makennaashley.  And don't forget to tag your hair pictures @cashmere_hair for a chance to be reposted!