April 28th, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Will Regret Buying Cheap Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions

By Makenna Ashley

Alright babes! Let's chat all things, seamless hair extensions. I have been wearing seamless clip in hair extensions now for 10 years, exclusively wearing Cashmere Hair Extensions for about 6. They say when you find a good thing don't change it, and that's exactly what I have done. Once I found Cashmere Hair Extensions, there was no going back and I was ecstatic to find such high quality clip in human hair extensions. I can say with confidence that Cashmere Hair has the best clip in hair extensions.


Today I wanted to share my top 5 reasons I personally have loved seamless hair extensions that clip in so easily and are undetectable in the. There are countless times over the years that my Cashmere Hair Extensions have come to the rescue in my beauty routine. Since the seamless clip in extensions are so easy to put on, I have noticed that I am actually saving time when I get ready for the day.

Blonde woman wearing hair extensions

The magical thing about seamless clip in hair extensions is that, unlike our natural hair, they hold style so well and for so long. So while I need to wash/style my own hair every couple of days, my seamlessextensions will last weeks with the same curl or wave.

The reason this helps so much is because, on the days where I don't want to pull out the curling iron or style my seamless hair extensions, I simply pull out the seamless clip in extensions and within seconds my hair looks like I spent an hour styling it. The natural hair will blend so well with the seamless hair extensions that most of the time I don't even need to touch up hardly anything in my natural hair to get them to blend.

As a mama of two, most days I want my morning routine to be quick, and I always joke my clip in human hair extensions are my best kept secret for looking like I really tried when in reality, I only spent 30 seconds clipping in my seamless hair extensions. Major win.

So, as mentioned above I am a mama but I also want to still feel and look like myself. Now of course I have my days when I stay in leggings with a messy bun and call it good - but I really find that getting myself ready for the day inspires me to be so much more productive and effective with my time!

I also love the immediate confidence booster I feel, just by spending 30 seconds to put on my seamless hair extension clip ins and get that added length and volume. I have somewhat long hair already but it is on the thinner side. So braids, buns, ponytails aren't super full and I just love the look of the added volume in all my hairstyles.

Blonde woman wearing hair extensions - reverse


Ok, this one is so important. I've seen and heard of so many ladies that went with other methods to try to find the best clip in hair extensions. I have tried cheap seamless hair extensions and have experienced a ton of breakage because of it the design and damaging clips that pull at the hair. I have also seen this happen with gals wearing other brands of  seamless clip in hair extensions and the quality does not match up to the luxurious, and high quality, Cashmere Hair Extensions. From prior experience with other brands, I have noticed that the clips are not sturdy enough by themselves and would feel a rough on the hair. This over time also can cause breakage - so stray away from bad clips!

More permanent hair extension, such as tape in extensions, requires much more maintenance and can cause damage over time. When your natural hair starts to grow, the tape ins can leave a sticky residue on your hair. If not properly cared for, this can become worse over time. Tape ins are also not ideal for us ladies who love to wear our hair in a ponytail or bun -- this is because the tape ins can put stress on the hair follicles. Unlike Cashmere Hair!

The reason I can wear seamless clip in hair extensions with zero breakage or thinning is because of the quality of Cashmere Hair Extensions. The clips are so secure, that there is no need to readjust them. Simply place them in and they will last all day. No sliding around, teasing or anything else. 


The next reason I love using seamless clip in hair extensions versus other methods of extensions, is because I can put them in only when I want them. Let's be honest, if I know the day will be a cozy one at home, I'm not going to put them in just to walk around my house. I love this because it's hair only when I want it! Also another bonus is that you can place the hair exactly where you want it according to different styles, so you are not limited but where they are placed.

Cashmere Hair Extensions - Seamless Clip In Extensions


Depending on how often you are wearing them and how you care for your extensions, will determine how long they will last. The life of your extensions also varies depending whether or not you are wearing clip in human hair extensions or synthetic extensions. Synthetic extensions may be cheaper but at what cost? Synthetic extensions do not last as long as clip in human hair extensions for many factors. Synthetic extensions do not blend seamlessly like human hair and many synthetic extensions do not allow you to use heat on them. With my Cashmere Hair clip in human hair extensions, my sets last 6+ months (usually longer!) I wear mine very frequently. So if they were more of a special occasion use for you, these would last a very long time. One of our best tips to keep your extensions looking glamorous and full of life is by using our full extension hair care set. Such a game changer.

Blonde woman wearing hair extensions

So if your hair is in needing of a rescue, then get yourself up some Cashmere Hair Extensions! Your hair will thank you.