March 21st, 2022

How To Curl Your Clip In Hair Extensions

By Olia Majd

UPDATED July 16, 2022.

Cashmere Hair Extensions - Love, Olia - Olia Majd

Featured Cashmere Hair: 18" Seamless Clip In Extensions in Rodeo Drive Blonde. 

As you guys know I wear my seamless clip in extensions from Cashmere Hair from time to time and although I have blunt short hair, I’m easily able to blend them in with my natural hair. I find them so easy to curl and have a few tips and tricks that I wanted to share with all of you for the most perfect look!


I always make sure my hair (and the extensions) are free of any tangles. My favorite brush to use its the Cashmere Hair Brush. It truly is the best brush for hair extensions and ensure you don’t break any of the hairs.

Curling Cashmere Hair Extensions


Next, the tried and true way that I’ve found works best for curling my extensions to ensure they blend perfect with my natural hair is to make sure to always grab a section of my natural hair with a piece of the extension. This way, your natural hair will always be curling with the extension so you’ll never see those blunt pieces.

How To Curl Clip In Hair Extensions


I repeat this process around my entire head making sure to always grab a section of my natural hair with a piece of the extension. When finished, allow the curls to cool and again I love to brush through the hair with my Cashmere Hair Brush. I find it gives a very “full” effect to the hair and looks very voluminous and beautiful.

Spritz any hair spray as desired & It’s as simple as that!

Cashmere Hair Luxury Clip In Hair Extensions