March 8th, 2022

The Secrets To Long And Healthy Hair

By Cashmere Hair

Woman with brown curly hair

If you are like us, achieving and maintaining healthy hair is essential. No matter what your hair type is; when your hair is healthy, it always looks its best. In honor of National Nutrition Month, we are sharing our top tips and tricks that will help you achieve the long and healthy locks that you have always desired. Because let's be real: when your hair looks good, you feel good.

Hair oils


BENEFITS: Consider hair oils the multifunctional powerhouse of haircare products. High quality, salon professional hair oils are packed with fatty acids, proteins, and nutrients that add moisture and life back to your hair.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Hair oils help boost hair health by adding shine, hydration, manageability, and strength. 

Woman drinking water


BENEFITS: When you are hydrated, so is your hair. Water is the fundamental ingredient that retains moisture and supports hair strength.

WHY YOU NEED IT: As we all know, our body requires water and hydration. If you are dehydrated, so is your hair. Hair that is lacking hydration can lead to breakage and stunt hair growth.

Woman taking vitamins


BENEFITS: Since healthy hair starts from the inside, getting your daily vitamins can help stimulate hair growth. Hair supplements most commonly contain biotin and other "hair friendly" nutrients, such as fish oil (hello omegas!) and Vitamin E, that have the potential to nourish and strengthen your hair and scalp.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Hair vitamins are a quick and easy way to ensure your body, and hair, is getting all the nutrients it needs to stay at a healthy state. With the abundance of hair vitamins on the market, it is important to consult with your doctor prior to taking a supplement. 

Woman massaging her scalp


BENEFITS: Not only are they relaxing, they can play a role in the health of your hair. Scalp massages stimulate blood circulation and oxygen to the hair follicles which in turn allows the roots of your hair to take in more nutrients. Scalp massages get to the root (pun intended) to help encourage your hair to grow faster.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Scalp massages can improve the thickness of your hair and the speed in which your hair grows. With scalp massages promoting relaxation, they can reduce stress and regulate hormone levels.

Green tea in cup


BENEFITS: Green tea can boost hair growth by stimulating and activating the hair follicles. Green tea has been known to provide extra hydration to the hair which in turn helps prevent breakage, damage, and hair fall.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Sipping on a cup of green tea reduces feelings of stress, therefore, preventing hair loss due to internal stress. Green tea can also be added to your favorite conditioner or a high performing hair mask to add moisture and maintain the health of your hair.

Detangling hair with cashmere hair brush


BENEFITS: You may be surprised to hear this but there is a "proper" technique to detangle your hair that helps prevent breakage -- and when you prevent breakage, you are making the proper steps to maintain healthy hair grow. No split ends here!

WHY YOU NEED IT: When your hair is wet, it is very important to detangle your hair from the bottom and work your way up. This will prevent any harmful pulling on the hair that can lead to breakage. When detangling your hair when dry, use a brush that is designed with gentle bristles. This feature will prevent damage and maintain the moisture balance of your hair. Our go-to brush? The Cashmere Hair Brush. The gentle yet high performing boar bristles help care effectively for even the most fragile hair, minimizing hair breakage, and maximizing the overall health of your hair.

Woman eating fruit


BENEFITS: As we mentioned earlier, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients place a crucial role in the health of your hair. Although hair supplements contain many of these essential vitamins and minerals, it is always best to get your vitamins from fresh food as this aids in maximum absorption.

WHY YOU NEED IT: The foods we eat play an important role in the growth, strength, texture, and volume of the hair. Hair grows from the roots so keeping your scalp and hair follicles healthy will, in turn, promote healthy hair.

Woman practicing yoga


BENEFITS: Aside from the amazing benefits of your overall health; practicing yoga and meditation can reduce stress levels and encourage blood flow throughout the body -- which ultimatley impacts the health of your hair.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Limiting stress and increasing blood circulation encourage your hair follicles to become more active and healthy.

Woman using hair dryer


BENEFITS: Taking a break from heat styling your hair will encourage your hair to get back to its regular moisture balance, prevent breakage, boost shine, and bring life back into your locks. This is also an amazing opportunity to try some new trendy heatless hairstyles! Say hello to gorgeous, luscious hair that is full of life.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Reducing how much heat is used on your hair will allow your hair to repair itself from any damage; therefore, improving the health of your hair.

Women looking at hair extensions


BENEFITS: Whether you had a bad haircut (trust me, we have all been there), waiting for your hair to grow, or simply wanting your hair to appear healthier, clip in hair extensions are an incredible option. Clip in extensions are low maintenance, not permanent, and only take minutes to apply. The best part? Our high quality clip in hair extensions give you the look and feel of healthy hair -- instantly!

WHY YOU NEED IT: As much as we wish that our hair could instantly repair itself overnight, it may take some time for your hair to get back to its healthy and natural state. Clip in hair extensions make the waiting period so much easier and will give you the volume, length, and texture of the healthy hair you have always dreamed of.